Monthly Loves for October

Hellos! Starting this month I decided to do a Monthly Love &  Hate(if there will be any) merely because I am too lazy to write individual post per product lolz~  Anyway, the real reason is I know most people prefer a short but precise review. Thus, I decided why not just come up with a Monthly loves/hates just so people won't have to suffer reading my nonsense blabber most of the time T_________T

Anyhoo without further blabber here’s my L-OV-E for the month of OCTOBER~
·         I love love this cleansing foam!! It cleanses super duper well~
·         Able to remove all sorts of makeup THOROUGHLY
·         Skin felt squeaky clean after wash
·         Since this is just a free product, I decided to try it with my brushes and it works like magic!!! Able to clean the brushes effectively without making the hair strands weak or dry

2) SYOSS: Anti-Dandruff Control Conditioner (Pro-Keratin)                 Price: PHP90
  • Smells super duper refreshing
  • It really helps control dandruff and itchiness of scalp effectively
  • I think this is the best anti-dandruff conditioner I have ever tried in my life
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
That’s it for my October LOVES! So far, I didn’t have a HATE product for the month of October~ While the rest are just so-so that’s not even worth mentioning >_<

How about you? What are your loves for this month? Share it on the comment box below =)

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  1. That Tony Moly cleanser looks amazing! o: It also reminds me to clean my brushes. xD

    Thanks for sharing~ I'll definitely keep an eye out for the conditioner~

  2. I'm interested in trying out that tony moly foaming cleanser. I haven't had any luck with foaming cleansers since they tend to dry out my face.

  3. Im so curious with Tony Moly products! :) I might try their hand cream soon! :)
    The Misty Mom

  4. That cleanser looks so amazing. O_O! I definitely want to try it now!!!
    Thanks for sharing~

  5. I also have that cleanser for free and I will definitely repurchase.. And clean my brushes with that.. hahaha! Thanks Janet! :)

  6. Oh we also have the syoss conditioner here in germany too!
    I'll check it out next time I visit drugstore! ;D

  7. It's okay not to have 'hates' for the month, at least you know you didn't waste money on a product! Is that Tony Moly cleanser part of their regular products? I wasn't sure since you said it was free ^^


    1. Hi Monica,
      Super agree! At least all my purchase didn't go to waste! keke ^_~
      They gave out free tube for promotional offer but I think they do sell this as well =)

  8. I wish i could try that shampoo! They don't sell it here.. =/

  9. wow i'm so surprised that tony moly cleansing foam can also be used to clean brush xD

  10. I also sometimes use face cleansers to clean brushes - it works really well :)

  11. parang i saw syoss at reysal supermarket?

  12. That brush cleaner looks amazing. I need to get myself one of those :)

  13. thanks for sharing janet ^^ TonyMoly: UV Sunset BB Cleansing Foam looks very interesting!

  14. That TM bb foam cleanser looks awesome! I definitely love the feeling of foam cleansers more than cream cleansers.
    As for my October favourites, hmm - I'm really liking my Bourjois foundation :)

  15. hi jyl, I followed your blog :)

  16. i often use baby shampoo for gentle cleansing for brushes or facial cleansing foam for more thorough cleansing just like you did!
    the result is impressive. ;)
    i guess sunscreen & bb cream are touphies. lol

  17. aww i really want to try that! I'm definitely gonna stock up alot of Tony Moly products when I found a store that sells them. :) they work really good :)

  18. haven't tried any tony moly products, but that one looks fantastic and does the job right!

    Dress Me Up Buttercup

  19. Janet! you make me want to try the bb cleansing foam :O
    Seems like it will save me a lot of time if I use this product.
    Thank you for sharing this, and I love to hear you blabbering :* LOL

  20. That is the most unique brush that I've come across! Good to know that the cleanser worked really well for cleaning your brushes and best of all, it was free :)

  21. Really nice brush & that's awesome~ I hate spending so much on brush cleaners >,<

    By the way, love your blog!




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