Review: Coreana Senite Fresh Herb Nature Foam & Tissue Cleansing + FOTD'S

Hellos! I’m here again to review a brand I think most of you or precisely all of you haven’t heard of. I, personally am NOT familiar as well, these were apparently included in the Coreana 4D Motion Cleanser set I purchased HERE and reviewed HERE.

Basically Senite is a sub-brand under Coreana. I, too am not familiar with the brand so if you guys are interested check their site HERE.
Here goes my review on the two Senite items included on the Coreana Motion Cleanser set:
1)    Senite: Fresh Herb Nature Foam Cleansing
·         Claims to remove makeup without leaving skin feeling tight
·         Contains herb & jojoba  extract, apricot & kiwi

My Review:
·         It comes in a cream consistency wherein it lathers pretty quickly
·         The color comes out in a light green shade that smells quite minty
·         It was able to remove some of my makeup quite nicely but my waterproof mascara were still stuck on my face
·         Doesn’t experience any discomfort or aggregate my existing acnes

2)    Senite: Fresh Herb Cleansing Tissue (80pulls)
·         Claims to gently remove makeup and at the same time provide moisture to skin

My Review:
·         Able to remove all sorts of makeup is just 1 sheet!
·         Does NOT sting nor hurt my eyes even if I wipe or tug vigorously (thou u shall NOT!)
·         Would definitely recommend and buy again (though hard to find) as this comes really handy & convenient especially on travels

Overall Reviews on both the Foam Cleanser & Cleansing Tissue:
·         The foam cleanser is probably a failure for me as it doesn’t remove makeup that thoroughly so I wouldn’t really recommend it at all
·         As for the Cleansing Tissue, if you are in search of a cleansing wipe that works tough but gentle on the skin. Definitely try this out! It works so much better than the Biore that I had reviewed HERE

That’s it for my review on both products! I know this post was quite boring since it’s just a
cleansing product and the brand is unknown too. Who knows, maybe Coreana will be available in 
your country sometime soon. BTW, excuse me for spamming you with  some of my recent FOTD', keke T___T Thanks for dropping by ^_~

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  1. The makeup wipes look fabulous! Too bad about the cleanser.
    You're gorgeous as always. =w=

  2. you are like my korean cosmetics guru! :)
    i guess the company wants us use both wipes and the cleanser. lol

  3. Oh my gosh. I want the wipes really badly now. D': It's a shame that it's so hard to find!

  4. I find that cleansers never really removes waterproof mascaras. I always have to use a eyemakeup remover :( The wipes looks really nice though as does your skin ;)

  5. So pretty!
    That's actually a pretty good deal that there's 80 sheets in the package. Every time you review Korean products, I always wish I could smell them! :)


  6. oh cool! it's also my first time to hear about this brand. Glad to know it's a korean brand ^_^ I use baby wipes most of the time, if I remove face makeup. then use my bioderma cleanser just to remove mascara. then finally cleanse using my celeteque facial cleanser.

  7. wow.. high five for the wipes =) thank you for sharing them

  8. The cleansing tissue looks amazing! I use the Biore one to remove my face makeup and although it works ok for that, it can make my skin sore at times.


  9. wuihhhh it's amazing. Normaly i use Biore wapes. That one also not bad.
    But it's good to try this one as well :)

  10. so gorgeous :))))


  11. Where to get the cleansing wipes? looks really awesome!! :)

    1. Hi Fibi, i think this is only available in Korea. I think the brand has yet expanded overseas =)

  12. yay thanks for the info! :)

  13. Always good to know what good out there :D the Japanese ones aren't too bad either XD

  14. This is not yet available in Manila or in Singapore?


  15. I would like to try those products, seems pretty interesting especially the cleansing tissue. By the way I like ur eye make up :) *wrong focus.
    this is the first time I hear about this brand, thank u for sharing^^


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