Cotton Candy Inspired Makeup Look

Hellos! Today I would like to share a look I recreated  from a food that I found really cute to look at and eat at the same time ^_~ When I was still in grade school there used to be “Cotton Candy” vendors outside our school. 
I was really fascinated with how fluffy a cotton candy can be and its soft pastel colors that top up the cuteness~
Here’s the look I came up with:
Eyes: Apply Soft pink shade on the upper lid and give more impact on the outer lid part.
         Apply Soft green shade on the entire lower lid
Add a touch of yellow on the center of the lower lashline
I chose only two main colors as I have to consider the actual wearability of the look =)
That’s it for my Cotton Candy Inspired Makeup Look ^_~
Hope you guys loved it =)


  1. what's the color of your hair?: :))) nice one.. :) I copied michelle phan's cotton candy before I fail that was when I don't know pa how to, maitry nga ulit :)

  2. you look like a cotton candy fairy :) heheh, oh anyways sexy messy hair, love it!

  3. Cute cute! I love cotton candy.. Now I'm craving sweets! Haven't even eaten my breakfast.. ahahaha

  4. Really colorful but not in a weird way. :D

  5. Hi. I love your skin! Are you taking any oral whitening supplements?

  6. really love your hair, Janet.. me want that hair >.<

  7. Loving it!! I remember your last one! I love your themed looks! i think the red and green really work well together! It's not too harsh and actually real pretty the way you did!

    1. aww, thank you Sharlynn I love your gorgeous FOTD's too ^_~

  8. its so colorful yet not exaggerated! i love it


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