TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch Review

Hellos! Today I will review the first ever lip patch I have ever tried in my entire life! Even though I have super dry and chapped lips but I am still a virgin when in comes to lip patches. I often settle for lip balm as I’m used to it and I find it really handy and easy to apply.
I received some TonyMolyKISS KISS LOVELY LIP PATCH for review and the moment I saw the packaging I know I’m gonna look silly while using it. But oh well for the sake of achieving a smooth lips, I can pretty much deal with it ^_~
How to Open & Apply:
Here’s my Bare lips Before and After using the Lip Patch:
In order for you guys to see the difference more, I applied my lips with concealer Before and After. As per below photos, I think you could see how dry and chapped my lips were Before. On the After pic, although you could still see some chapped spots but at least it look way better than before.
Overall Reviews:
There’s one thing I don’t like about this lip patch is it is quite a challenge to keep the lip patch steady without slipping off >_< Though it is NOT a “one patch wonder” as it has NOT completely healed my chapped lips but at least it has improved my lip condition^_~
I can now wear lippies without showing chapped lips~ *only eyebags :\ (bare with me as I just woke up)

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  1. OMG it looks soooo cute! >.< though I agree that it could look a bit silly, imagine walking around having it on your lips! lol
    the after result is good ! I can see the difference it made ;)

  2. Whoah! Very nice review. Works wonder ah. Like that lip patch!

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. your bare face is pretty! i wish i could look like this when i wake up xD

    i read some reviews on different patches and i think they are not effective.. lip balm still better =D

  4. Ahh, it looks fun but challenging to wear!
    It's bigger than I thought too~
    Thanks for the review ^^

  5. xD its so cute!!

    visit my blog ^^

  6. Pretty pa din :) So patch pala yan, kala ko thin gel-based yun pala parang comedy rin. Hehehe! Thanks for sharing :) Glad to know it lessened the dryness of your lips

  7. Hehe that is so cute! I really like the comparison you did with the concealer as that was really useful and showed how it worked :)

  8. Its cute but it does look funny when you wear it. And good thing it works! :D

  9. Hii Janet!( ^_^)ノ
    Thank you for the review! You look so funny but cute with the lip patch heheh
    The package is so freakiing cuuute!!♥~and I like that apparently gives very good results!(n__n)
    btw I really like your hair!!x3
    Have a nice day and take care!!(^ω^)

  10. I saw this pero sa etude house naman.. :) thinking if I should try, thanks for the review.

  11. Looks like an interesting product to try :)
    thank u for sharing the review


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