Battle of the Concealers (Body shop, Etude House, Face Shop)

I’m not born with perfect skin; I don’t like to eat those so-called “healthy food”; I sleep at 1am and wake up at 4am daily; I seldom drink water; I eat a lot of junk food thus resulting me in a very bad skin =(

The only thing that keeps my skin okay is by using Mario badescu. Even though my skin is improving but CONCEALER is still a MUST!!!Aarrgh, I can’t live without concealer; I use concealer by hidding those acne scars, red spots and uneven skintone.

I’m going to make a review of the 4 concealers I’m currently using:

 1)      THE BODY SHOP- Lightening Touch (Shade 01) 
-It is a lightweight liquid concealer. It was quite liquidity but it was able to conceal small non-cystic acne and light scars.

Rank: 3/5

2)  The Face Shop-Dewy Perfect Stick Concealer

-It is in matte form like lipstick form. Since it was in matte, I find it REALLY difficult to apply because the consistency is too thick!

Rank: 1/5

3) Etude House -Surprise Essence Concealer

- It is in thick paste form concealer. It contains a sponge brush that you could easily apply on. The consistency is kinda thick but it was able to hide cystic acne and scars.

Rank: 3/5

4) Etude House- Surprise Concealer Stick (#2 Natural beige)

-It is in a powdery stick form, kinda like a loosepowder in stick form. This is the best concealer ever! It tends to hide black heads, cystic acne, scars, uneven skintone etc. Once applied it does not only conceal naturally but also have this powdery effect.


(I'm still in search for a concealer that could really hide red spots and uneven skintone naturally, any recommend, pretty pleaaase.....)

Thanks! ^_^


  1. estee lauder double wear concealer!

  2. @thetiramisumouse: aw!! really thanks for this..imma gonna check this out...=)

  3. Missha's Signature Extreme Cover Concealer:)

  4. Try maybelline angel fit concealer #2. I've been using it for 4 years now.

  5. Try LA girl pro hd concealer. It has heavy coverage and a matte finish plus it's only less than 300 pesos :)


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