TonyMoly Pore Cleansing Brush Review

Hellos! Today I will review a Cleansing Brush that help made my skin look Clear and Blackheads free without using any nose strips or masks. I am talking about “TONYMOLY’s PORE CLEANSING BRUSH”, basically it is a brush tool designed especially for face cleansing. If I must compare, I think this can be called a “manual” version of Clarisonic whereas both claims to achieve the same results.
l  Removes hidden dirt in pores
l  Whisks away dead skin cells
l  Cleanses hidden impurities in pores

My Reviews:
Bristles: Ultimately DENSE
Texture: Super Soft and Smooth
Handle: Short and sturdy wood

What I Love:
l  Easy to use and gentle to skin
l  Able to remove deep seated dirt thoroughly
l  Have the ability to clear blackheads
l  Make skin soft, smooth and clear after using
What I Don’t Love:
l  Takes time to dry and might lead to bacteria

Overall Reviews:
I love the fact that it is handy and easy to bring along anywhere. The price is around USD20 which I think is pretty ok as it really does what it claims. My skin surface has stayed smooth whenever I use this cleansing brush. It also helps clear those nasty blackheads and make my skin more clear and radiant.

Tips & Suggestion:
It doesn’t state how long before we replace a new one but I would suggest to replace it after 2 to 3 months depending on the usage. Make sure to wash it after every use and store it in a dry place to prevent bacteria forming.
Below photo whereas I just used the Pore Brush for Cleansing~
Feel and look Clean using TonyMoly's Pore Cleansing Brush~ =)


  1. i really want to try this brush >.<
    but it's a bit pricey.. ._.

  2. Yet another interesting product. Thanks for sharing.

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. What a cute product!!! I was concerned by the bristle but it seems to be gentle enough. You love lovely as always. Ah, I want your skin xx

  4. does it really clean out blackheads?! O_o even though you said it did I'm still skeptical >.< clarisonic didn't make a dent in my blackheads, haha T_T

    1. hi Frances, yes it does! just pair it up with an exfoliator and it works great on eliminating those blackheads =)

  5. wow, your skin seems to be a lot clearer!^^
    but have to agree with the comments above - it's pricey for me :C

  6. Your skin looks cleans and georgeus I want try that brush.


  7. You look so refresh! Love it. I want to try this though. Have you seen the facial brush from Marionnaud? I'm eyeing on that one too. It only costs 200 bucks :D

    Genzel Kisses

    1. Nakita ko nga din yun sa Watson's but never ko pa natry mejo na-disappointed kasi ako sa mga makeup brush nila..~

  8. I was so confused by the first picture because I was thinking that it was a sponge-type product. But I can't believe that brush is THAT dense! I would love to feel it myself, hopefully they sell these in the Tony Moly stands in SM :)
    And your skin looks amazing!

    1. Hi Monica, they do have these in some SM stalls too =)

  9. Looks like an interesting brush but i too would worry about
    the Bactria from the drying time.

    Thanks for a great post!
    Sakura x

  10. Sounds like interesting tool.
    I never use such as tool before
    thank u for sharing

  11. Nakita ko na to before ang mhal lang eh. :) sorry nabasa ko lang sa comment.. ndi mo gusto yung marionnaud brush? why? ako kasi favorite ko yun

    1. Hi eyah, uu kasi yun marionnaud makeup brush ko ang gaspang sa fez ko tapos kulang pa sa dense kaya mejo na turn off me sa marionnaud...>_<~

  12. I have been eying this item for a long time now! I'm fascinated by all facial cleansing tools and this is definitely my next purchase. Great review, thanks for sharing Janet.

  13. Hi! Very nice review :) ... the Pore cleansing brush is a must have beauty item when cleansing ... please try to check out our FB page HipStyle Online Shop (Manila, Philippines)... we sell a similar & less expensive Deep Pore Cleansing Brush from Korea ... the bristles are very soft & smooth too... we personally use it ... we love how it really helps to clear blackheads, cleanse our skin & make it soft & smooth with regular use :)


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