Goodies from Genzel Kisses

I arrived home today and I was surprise that a huge and heavy LBC parcel was waiting for me in my room. The moment I open the package, I was so shock as it was filled with full of interesting goodies ^_~

Here are the super awesome items inside the parcel:

This is actually my 2nd time winning a Commenter/Reader of the month!! The first was from Gem of Vanity and everything in between which I have reviewed HERE. And here comes the second one which is from Genzel of Genzel Kisses. I was so surprised and happy the moment I learn that I was selected as Genzel’s Reader of the month!!! Super duper happy! Guess the first month-end of my 2013 is really lucky!!!-^_~ Do drop by Gen-zel’s blog as her blog is really informative~ She blogs not just about beauty but almost everything under the sun that is why she is one of my favorite blogger. Who knows you might be chosen as one of her Monthly reader’s of the month~ Do check her blog HERE~

Before I end this post, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to GENZEL for sending such awesome goodies. I really really appreciate and love them ^_~ More power to your blog ^_~
Thank you ALL for dropping by ^_~


  1. Wow that's a Lot of goodies!! You Lucky Girl ;))
    Excited for the upcoming reviews ;)

  2. WOW! I guess I will be waiting for lotsa reviews from you! :)

  3. Wow swerte naman! Never won any giveaways. I think, I joined 5 giveaways and I stopped. Hehehe congrats :)

    1. Hi sis, ako din i join many giveaways but never did i won even once. These two winnings are super unexpecterd as i didn't know that ill be chosen!!!basta i just read and visit blogs. In the end, i got chosen na pala kaya super happy ;)

  4. Wow! The items are with you na! So fast! Glad you liked them. ^_^ Thank you so much for loving my blog. You're one of my favorite bloggers too! love love!


    Genzel Kisses

  5. wow so much stuff!! I envy you!!! (* O *)
    congratulations on winning again! (^_^)
    you're so lucky!!! :D
    and you look so pretty!!! <3

  6. Wow! I super love surprises in the mail! I won a giveaway once and I was super happy!

    Hey Janet, your skin is at its most beautiful now. Can you please share your current skincare regimen? It's been awhile.

    Your silent lurker here. ^_^

    1. hi dear, thank you so much for your super sweet comment ^_~ you just made my day =)
      I changed my skincare once in a while but you can check this link for my current skincare:
      I'll do a skincare update post soon =)
      Thank again for dropping by ^_~

  7. wowwww those are super great gifts <3 congratz dear

  8. Aww congrats - what a wonderful collection of goodies :D


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