My 180th++ post Giveaway!!!! (CLOSED!!)

Hellos! I haven’t realized that I am already on my 180th post! Talk about achieving it a hundred mile ^_~ 
 I would just like to reach out to all the people who supported my blog all throughout =) You are the one who kept motivating me to continue being active on blogging~ MEGA thanks to you all and in order to repay the motivation you guys granted me. I’ll be hosting a GIVEAWAY!! YEY!!~
                                              Here are the following items to be given away:
1)      Royal Platinum Perfume
2)      Bath & Body Works in White Citrus
3)      The Body Shop in Madagascar Vanilla Flower
4)      Bath & Body Works in Secret WonderLand
5)      Premium Gold BB
6)      Murad: Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel
7)      Pore Minimizer
8)      Eye Mask in Cherry
9)      Elf Beauty on the Go Single Palette
10)   TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch
11)   Lipstick Balm
12)   MySlim Full Size Pack

In order to win these products all you have to do is FOLLOW me via GFC and Comment why you visit my blog with your name and email adress.

Ex: I visit your blog because I also love Korean Brands just like you.
Janet Lao

Giveaway will end on 28th of February 2013 and ONE (1) winner will be selected accordingly.
Enter as many entries as you want ^_~



Congrats on winning jhessica recto!!!!
(I have email you already, please respond to my email within 48 hours orelse I have to choose a new winner!!!)

Thank you again for those who participated and especially to those who commented just to show support (Pam, Blush, Rini, Junjun, Anya, Sabrina etc!!)


  1. I visit your blog (oww and i discover your blog thru beauty blogger reunited pala) because i love reading/viewing inspired look hihi actually fave doc ko un sa group
    jhessica recto

  2. I visit your blog because of your makeup looks. I keep on finding inspiration on every occassion and I happen to find you on BBU. Keep up the good work sis!

    Myril Mae Magdael

  3. Henley Tabal
    I visit your blog because im a novice in the world of make up and your tutorials and beauty reviews help me to learn and know more about the products in the market. Congrats in ur blog, keep inspiring!

  4. I visit your blog because you inspire us and help us to pamper ourselves with all these beauty goodies (kahit suuuper busy and peg!) and I salute you for taking the time to do a comprehensive and honest review on a certain product.. It really helps!

    Kristine Claire Rota

  5. Guinevere Qua
    I visit your blog to be updated with the latest Korean make-up products that are available in the market now. Reading reviews about Korean products makes me happy.

  6. I follow your blog it's because you did quite alot review and share about it. Moreover, you still share OOTD with us to give us inspiration =)
    Name : Snowie Shuet

  7. Congratulations, Janet! c:
    I read your blog for many reasons (let's face it, you're an awesome person, you write amazing reviews, and you're a skincare junkie like me!)~

    Junjun Xie

    Congrats again! c: (speaking of essays to write, I have one due soon... *A* )

  8. I follow your blog because you are reviewing the products that I want to try and you give your honest opinion on it...

    Gizzele Alfonso

  9. I visit your blog because I like your reviews, hauls and giveaways, too! <3

    Vanessa Rose Palacio

  10. Wow, that's a lot! Congratz dear ♥

  11. amazing giveaway! Congratulation, janet :-)

  12. Great giveaway! I visit your blog because of the Korean cosmetic reviews and hauls of course! :>


  13. Oh man.. I'm not from Philippines. I wanna comment to show my support anyways! I love visiting your blog because you blog about a lot of rare Korean products like MULE and your reviews are always so in depth and to the point. Congratulations on reaching 180th post! Keep up the great job! Lots of love, Pam.

  14. I visit your blog because of your wearable FOTDs and your Korean skin care reviews! :D

    Janine Monasterial
    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

  15. I love reading your Korean product reviews because I know their products is one of the must try for us ladies who loves to wear make up. Each post is informative and straight to the point. It influences your readers whether to buy or not to buy those products. I hope you continue to blog more and cheers to 1000 more!

    God bless!

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  16. hi!! I visit your blog because i Love to read some of your Beauty reviews,which are very helpful & kikay, some latest product , which is very Beneficial before i Purchase them out..I also love Korean Products, Like you :>
    Therese Decena

  17. Aww congrats shame I can't enter as I'm not from your area :( But I'll tell you why I visit your blog anyway - you always have lots of great reviews!

  18. I love to visit your blog because there's so much interesting to read! (> w <)
    From very helpful reviews to your awesome make up looks! Who wouldn't love to read
    your blog? <3 (^ _ ^) Keep up the good work dear!! You're awesome! d(> u <)b


  19. Your blog is very insightful. It's full of reviews which newbies like me love reading. Keep it up! :)

    Ma. Catherine Paula Dela Cruz

  20. I visit your blog because I'm a big fan of makeup tutorials from asian bloggers :)
    Priscilla P

  21. I visit your blog because I like your reviews. :3
    Sie Cajilig

  22. i visit your blog because it's really fun to look at.. i mean i can really see you're enjoying what you're doing and i love to see your makeup tutorials, reviews and specially about korean products and cosmetics :D
    Sarah Bagay

  23. I followed and always visit your blog because, i read HONEST, DETAILED and AMAZING reviews of beauty products that is NEW to me, I love your LOOKS OF THE DAY! and you're one of my fave bloggers too,, also i always love to have radiant skin like yours!!! hugs! and hope to read more on your page sweetie!

    Rhania Chang

  24. I visit and follow your blog because I love to read your posts. I love your reviews especially on korean products/cosmetics. Through reading your blog, I was able to list a couple of items which I plan or want to buy. :D More power to you and God bless!

    Sheela Richen Daminar

  25. I visit your blogs aside from it being rare to find good and sensible local bloggers (here in the Philippines), I also get reviews of locally available products and somehow, I also get to relate to the products you have on hand...most of the time. Haha. :)

    Knowing all these things gears me up in shopping at the mall because hearing reviews from someone else makes me know the choices that I already have. Thanks for this giveaway and God bless!

    Charmine Rose Navarro

  26. I visit your blog very often because you give great tips and I always feel inspired after reading your blog ! xox

  27. Aww thank u sis nagreply na ko sa email mo hihi..:)


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