TonyMoly’s The Oriental Gyeol Cleansing Cream Review

Hellos! As you might know I’ve always been in a journey of searching a good makeup remover for years but have yet found “The One”~ Until I get my hands on TonyMoly’s The Oriental Gyeol Cleansing Cream then I can say this is by far the BEST makeup remover EVER~
Now let me tell you about what TonyMoly’s The Oriental Gyeol Cleansing Cream claims:
l         Suitable for Oily skin that is light and refreshing to skin
l         Removes makeup and dirt effectively
l         Able to make skin velvety and moist
l         Contains Yuka extract, 12 kinds of Herbals/Collagen water/Hirudinea extract and other ingredients that helps nourish skin

My Reviews:
Consistency: Light cream type that is not oily
Packaging: Sturdy light jar with a separator
Scent: No definite scent
Suitability: Designed for normal to oily skin

What I LOVE:
l         Light creamy texture that is very easy to apply and does NOT irritate or blur vision
l         Able to remove all types of makeup thoroughly
l         Only a dime size is enough to cleanse the entire face
l         Leaves skin super soft, smooth and velvety after every use
l         Does NOT irritate or aggregate existing acne

What I Don’t Love:
l         Packaging is a bit bulky in my opinion

Overall Reviews:
l         The price is around USD20 and I think it is quite reasonable as it really does what it claims!
l         I have sensitive and combination skin and it works great on removing makeup and leave my skin smooth and velvety
l         Even though this is a gentle cleanser but it works tough on removing stubborn makeup 

That's it for my review on this cleanser! Hope you find it helpful! =)
Thanks for dropping by ^_~


  1. Wow! seems like a great product! I'll look for than on the Tony Moly section :D thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks awesome..!!
    My usual cleansing creams can cleanse really well but it felt really harsh on my skin.

  3. i've been using cleansing cream for makeup removal lately!! currently using Kanebo Freshel but Tony Moly's sounds more potent and effective!!

  4. i love tony moly skin care prods! this sounds amazing, i never tried cream cleansers because i have oily skin too but this sounds great :D

  5. wow, ive never heard of cleansing CREAM before. do you have to rinse it with water still? i think i still prefer the usual cleansing oil .__.

    1. hi Connie, you can simply wipe it off or rinse it =) But I prefer rinsing it but either one is fine =)

  6. Looks like an amazing product. But I'll stick to my cleansing lotion.

    XX, IamJenniya

  7. Thanks for the review babe! can I know where did you get the product? seems promising ^_^ looking for a new make up remover....


    1. Hi Fibieelyh, tonymoly is available in most asian countries as for US and Europe you could easily get it in most online shop ;)

  8. Great review on this cleansing cream! I love learning about new products :)

  9. Oh my, that is sooo effective! I soo need to go and check out tony moly! Thanks for sharing dear!

  10. Sounds like a perfect cleansing cream. Do you think it works for combination skin? You look stunning by the way <3

    1. hi Joanne, I have oily-combination and it works great on me ^_~ thank you so much for your sweet comment ^_~

  11. Sounds really promising. Great review! x

  12. I reeeaally need to try TonyMoly products! This looks amaaazing!

  13. i'm glad that product have amazing results! we can always relay on TonyMoly :) thanks alot for the review Janet!

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  14. I thinks this product looks really nice for 20$ is a really nice inversion.



  15. Great review as always Janet! :) ♥♥♥♥

  16. Nice review
    So this cleansing cream has reliable cleansing power
    guess I shall check it out on tony moly's counter

  17. I didn't know they have cleansing cream pala of this oriental gyeol line. Will try this one! because I don't like the feeling of oil cleansers ahaha

  18. Hi! If you're still looking for the "one", why don't you give Etude House's Eye and Lip make-up remover a try? It's only formulated for the eye and lip area, but a friend of mine uses it for her whole face. (But EH also has a full face make up remover). If you do try it, I hope to see a review from you!

    -- best wishes, nissa

    1. Thanks Nissa for the recommendation. I've actually tried two types of EH remover both both failed my expectation =( I've reviewed them here:

      Hope this helps ^_~


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