Review on Zamian Cacao Mask, Cleanser, Handmade soaps and EGF Cream

Today, I’ve come to review a Korean skincare brand called “Zamian” wherein it targets more on ACNE-PRONE skin.
       What it claims: Kills Pimples and refine pores
        My Reviews:
·   Skin feel super soft and smooth after used
·   Smells like Hershey’s chocolate (indulge without the guilt lolz~!)
·   Didn’t encounter any discomfort/allergies (I have sensitive skin)

What it claims: Remove excess oil and provide nourishing effect
 My Reviews:
·   Able to remove stubborn dirt but still locks in moisture
·   Smells like Cacao, super yummy!
·   Skin felt soft and smooth after wash
·   Didn’t encounter any discomfort/allergies (I have sensitive skin)
·   Melts really fast(be sure to store this in a DRY place)

What it claims: Provide hydration and prevent aging of skin

         My Reviews:
·     Skin felt super duper smooth and soft after wash
·     Might not be able to remove dirt that thoroughly
·     Melts even faster than the Cacao soap! (be sure to store this in a DRY place)

What it claims: Remove impurities and provide enough hydration to skin
         My Reviews:
·     Able to cleanse skin thoroughly (even makeups!)
·     Skin felt supple and hydrated

5)      Zamian Crystal Whitening Escargot EGF Cream
What it claims: Reduce acne scar, whitening and anti-wrinkle

My Reviews:
·         Might feel thick/sticky at first but once you continue massaging/blending, it totally absorbs into skin and feels nothing!
·         Keeps skin super hydrated and moisturize
·         Oily skinned can also use this as it is not oily or greasy.
·         Haven’t notice any lightening of scars or even whitening. Was not able to improve my existing wrinkles 

How I use these products?
If you have dry skin, you could just use the Gold Cacao Pack once or twice a week.
For normal/combination, recommended to use it thrice a week.
I have sensitive acne prone skin so I decided to use it every other day.

Daily Morning Routine:
Wash Face with Zamian Clear Foaming Wash
Wash Face with Zamian Camellia Handsoap
Apply appropriate amount of Zamian Escargot Super Aqua Cream

Daily Night Routine:
Wash Face with Zamian Cacao Handsoap
Apply Premium Cacao Gold Pack leave it dry for around 10-20minutes
Wash it off with Zamian Clear Foaming Wash
Wash Face with Zamian Camellia Handsoap
Apply liberal amount of Zamian Escargot Super Aqua Cream

Here are the Before&After Picture after using the Zamian products for around a month long:

Summarize Review on Zamian Products:
Does my skin improve?
àIt terms of clarity, I would say yes because I did notice that my skin has become more radiant and less “dull”

How about pimples/acne and scars, notice any reduction?
à It healed a few of my pimples but wasn’t able to clear them all.  In terms of existing scars, haven’t notice any lightening or reduction at all

How long does it take to entirely clear all blemishes and achieve a healthy skin?
àI used this regime for a month long and sad to say it doesn’t clear all my blemishes. 

Does it have any side effects? Or discomfort? during the usage?
àI don’t think there are any side effects as the ingredients are really simple such as coconut oil, cocoa etc. (click here for the list of ingredients) but please keep in mind that some people did experience allergies due to the ingredients.
àThe thing I don’t like is I did experience “purging” stage which is really annoying and stressful. The “purging” stage takes around 14days for me, ginormous cystic acnes kept popping out of nowhere(cheeks, uppers lips, chin).

Will you re-purchase? or Recommend?
àNah, I think I won’t buy again because the results are really not that amazing. Yes, it did make my skin feel soft/smooth but it was not able to completely heal all the acnes and my existing pimple scars are still there.
àI really won’t recommend this as it just didn’t help much at all >_<

My Conclusion:
You can’t really just relay on the mask/soaps and assume that those items would heal your acnes completely and achieve a 100% flawless complexion. In my opinion, I think a suitable spot on treatment (see below for a sample chart of spot on treatment), toner and preventive serum is still necessary so that the entire healing process would be more effective. I still follow the golden rule on treating skin problems which are: CLEANSE, TONE, TREAT, MOISTURIZE and PREVENT.

Personal Experience
Benzoyl peroxide
Panoxyl, Proactiv
Makes your skin dry, flake and reddish
Will notice improvement around 15-20days. Will peel off skin; NOT recommended for sensitive skin
Salicylic Acid
Clean&Clear Active Line, Garnier, Ponds, Murad, Dermalogica, VMV, Shiseido, Etude AC clinic, The Face Shop Acne Line
Makes skin itchy
Suitable for those with really mild acnes. Works great with teen acne
Tea Tree Oil
The Body Shop, Desert Essence
Sting badly and makes skin reddish
Nothing! I throw this away
Did not experience any discomfort
Might take a longer period to see results. Works great on adult acne
Calmoseptine, Defensil, Mario Badescu
Smells bad! Super annoying smell. Might dries out skin
Works great with those suffering from mild to moderate acne
Beta/Alpha Hydroxy Acid aka Glycolic
Hada Labo, Neostrata, Murad Exfiolating Wash, Yoko, Celeteque
Migh experience slight sting
The best ingredient to fight against breakout and adult acne. Heals pimples as fast as 7days! My HG ingredient!
Hyaluronic Acid
Hada Labo, Eucerin, Zamian
Did not experience any discomfort
Not really that effective on healing pimples but able to lighten acne scars
Maxi Peel
Sting badly, experience peeling, makes skin reddish, burn my skin
Might work for those with severe acne condition as this is quite extreme. Not suitable for sensitive and dry skin
Kojic Acid
Kojie San
Dries out skin
Not suitable for dry skin. Dries out pimples but not actually healing them

Tip: Always practice to check the ingredients and try googling up what the ingredients are, so that you’ll know how it would react into your skin

Disclaimer: Above chart is simply based on my personal experience. I am NOT an expert, I am only sharing my experience. Products with the same ingredients might works differently due to the amount/dosage (dilute or concentrate) they put in and other ingredients they have added/mixed on to the product.  


  1. how do you treat your cystic acne so it doesn't leave a scar?

    1. do not prick or pop it out, i know sometimes we can't help but pick on it. But I notice the huge difference from a pimple I pick out compared to the one I didn't. Just continuous applying spot on treatment to the cystic acne until it healed completely,avoid popping them. Hope this helps =)

  2. That's a good run down of the things you tried. Currently, I'm on tretinoin cream (retacnyl), benzoyl peroxide (for spot treatment), and salicylic acid facial wash.

  3. nice review...very courageous of you. :)

  4. This was a great review - I love seeing posts like this where girls are not afraid to show their bare face. It's very inspirational! I used to have terrible acne on my forehead and nose area, and I was so self-conscious about it and tried a zillion products. It's great to see you taking us along on your journey!! :)

  5. That's crazy, I really hate the purging stage. I hope you find the perfect product :)

  6. i think you did a great review. ive always wanted to try the chocolate pack...but never go around to buy it...good to know that it works well


  7. Nice review! I think it's helped your skin a lot, and 1 month is a big improvement. I wonder if you use it longer if the results will be better. Thank you for sharing this, it's very helpful :)

  8. For 1 month, it looks like the products made a lot of improvement for your skin. Thanks so much for creating the table with all the acne fighting ingredients too! It's extremely helpful since everyone has different skin types and acne :D

  9. Hi Ms. Janet! Have you personally tried alba botanica acnedote skin care line na avalable sa healthy options? I'm planning to buy sana yung oil control moisturizer nila. You think pwede kong i-pair yon sa dickinson's toner? Im really looking for a good moisturizer for acne prone skin. Thanks

    1. I am currently dealing with mild acnes and small pimples lang naman pero super worried akona baka lumala >:|

    2. I haven't tried it yet, but I've seen that on the counter and check that the main ingredients is Salicylic Acid. If hiyang ka sa Salicylic Acid then you could go try it out. I'm not really sure how it would react with the Dickinson's Toner but I've tried using other products together with Dickinson's Toner and it didn't do any bad on my skin =)

    3. Oh i see.. how bout celeteque moisturizer na acne solutions? is it good for acne prone face? Di ako makapag decide kung celeteque or alba botanic yung bibilhin ko kasi, mejo pricey padin for me alin man sa 2 yon so gusto ko sana yung magiging effective para sulit ang pera hehe.. :)

    4. The Celeteque moisturizer is targeted for acne prone but it doesn't really control oil much. As for the Alba botanic, I haven't really tried it so I really couldn't comment on that one. I would probably suggest, try testing the product first on the counters(I believe they have testers). Test it on your hand muna and check if you like the consistency and how it felt on your skin then you could decide which one to buy..=) Hope this helps~ ^_^~

  10. thanks for your reviews! how about products who can cover black tiny dots around eye?

  11. Thanks for the review.
    I will recommend this to my friend. May friend akong prob ang cystic acne.
    I rarely break to pimples, i'm using tretinoin for 9 months na to control whiteheads. Nagtretinoin ka din ba sis? :D

    1. I'm using Hydroquinone and AHA at the moment and I loviiit!! The tretinoin kasi hindi hiyang sa skin ko...=(

  12. Really great review!! I use the mask too and I love it. I agree, it makes the skin super smooth. :)
    I use tea tree oil once a day and it actually is good to prevent acne and dries up small spots on me. I haven't tried glycolic acid just yet though!

  13. Thank you for this great review and that info table!! I have really problematic sensitive acne skin as well. Still looking for my miracle skin care routine!

  14. thank you for the table of ingredients in treating acne! Myself I really like using salicylic acid! I've considered using the Glycolic acid products too but haven't really ventured into it yet.

  15. Woah.. Your breakouts are really bad.. Hope you find the right combination of skincare (and cut down on fast food lol) soon!

    Btw, did the soap finish in a month?

    1. haha~, I really wanted to lie low on the fast food but but but, its just so convenient and fast, can't resist -__-

      I finished both soaps around 15days, it melts way so fast...

  16. Hi ms. Janet. Have you tried CYLEINA organic soap particularly the TOMATO soap which claims to help acne prone skin? available sa watson's and ang dami ko nabasa nice reviews. I really like your reviews.. It's really helpful. :)

    1. Hi dear, I haven't tried the tomato soap but I've tried their Black Pearl soap. Doesn't do much on my skin, pretty much just like an ordinary soap. Honestly, in my case kasi mejo severe yun acne ko so I really wouldn't just depend on soap to heal my acnes. Pero if you have mild lng naman, I think there's no harm to try it out ^_^~ Thanks for dropping by =)

  17. I see. Ask ko lang kung nagcause ba ng pimples ung CYLEINA or wala naman negative effects? I want to try it sana but I'm a lil bit scared na baka magbreak out ako since I'm not sure if CYLEINA soaps are non comedogenic.. Thank you so much. :)

    1. In my case,hindi naman ako nagbreakout pero iba iba kasi skin types so I really can't assure. CYLEINA soaps claims that they are all made from natural ingredients so I think they won't do any harm on skin * I think*, but again case to case naman. Hope this helps =)

  18. Thanks po I decided not to buy since I saw sa utube na naglagay sya ng lye (soap hardener ata not sure) pero Hindi nia nilagay un sa ingredients na pinost nia. How about v&m naturals African black soap po? Natry nyo na po ba it claims that it's non comedogenic and will help clear out acne plus it's organic. Thank u po ulit.

    1. I've tried V&M years back, forgot the variants mga 3 to 4 variants(oatmeal etc) natry ko. Honestly, my skin developed tiny rashes but it eventually go away once I stop using it. In my condition kasi my skin doesn't like organic products. Organic doesn't mean safe for all skin type kasi some people might also be allergic to the "organic" ingredients (yours truly). Hope this helps =)

  19. True! Products labeled with non comedogenic are the only products I can use. From Make ups to cleansers moisturizer masks dapat maresearch ko muna pag hindi noncomedogenic maglalabasan lahat ng pimples ang sad kasi I want to try organic because of health benefits sana pero wala akong makitang sure na non comedogenic hays :( anyways thanks po. :)

  20. Hi, I just visiting your blog. Your review are awesome! I just ordered Zamian Choco mask. I wish it can help me to reduce my redness.. :D

  21. hi miss janet :) nabasa ko na ata lahat ng review mo especially acne related ^.^ nkakainspired sobraaa.
    i am currently suffering from mild acne i guess? haha nbili ko na din ibang products na nbsa ko dito :D
    kso parang every 3 days ngpapalit ako haha. parang feeling ko kasi di effective.
    ang hrap kasi pag di ka aware sa right product pati ung ingridients dito na lang ako natuto.

    anyway hopefully pati ung cleanser toner moizturizer and prevent may table din pra reference ang hirap kasi pag di mo alam ung brand name T_T

    salamat po sa blog mo. sana gumaling na din ako tulad mo ^.^


    1. Hi Julian, thanks so much for your kind words ^_~ I promise I'll make a more detailed chart next time.. Thanks so much again for dropping by =)


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