TonyMoly: Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eye Stick Review

My eyes has been really tired and puffy this few days so I opted to try an eye stick that could at least help revive my eye condition.
Let's start off with TONYMOLY: FRESH AQUA COOLING 24 EYES STICK claims:
l  Eases swelling on the eyes
l  Refreshes and cools fatigue eyes
l  Expedites blood circulation
l  Supplies moisture to dry eyes
My Reviews:
Packaging: Comes in a twist tube with a cap protector inside
Texture: Waxy solid type
Scent: Has light oceanic mint smell
What I love about:
l  Very easy to use: simply twist and swipe as it glides on perfectly (non-sticky)
l  Manage to relieve Puffy eyes instantly
l  Able to minimize dark circles if use regularly

Overall Reviews:
I don’t have any complains on this as it truly works on what it claims =) The price is around USD8, considering the efficacy of the product I think it is truly worth it! =)

That’s it for my review! 
Thanks for dropping by =)


  1. OHHHHH.. interesting product! i hope I can find that on the Tony Moly section :D

  2. really interesting review~~ can't wait to try it when I drop by Tony Moly ^^,

    xx Alice

  3. wow seems like it works :D
    have to try it sometimes ^^

  4. This looks so cute! :D
    Your hair color looks goooorgeous in that last photo! *o*

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment. Yes, ako din ganon lalo na sa pinas. Kasi diyan people think its too much to wear eye makeup. Even doing my brows back then was too much. Sinasabihan ako na san ba daw formal event na pupuntahan ko, WTH? Hahahha.

  6. Does it leave a minty feel to the skin? I like those kind of products :D
    Will check it out at Tony Moly.

    About the link you were asking for, I bought the bag here: (super great finds and I'm not even paid to advertise the site haha :p)

    1. Hi Kim, it has a tiny hint of minty feel but fades away in just seconds~ Thanks for the site info =)

  7. thanks for the review, I've been trying to find something like this, I will check it out :)

  8. Woahh~ I've never heard of this! o: Definitely checking it out~ Thanks for the review! c:

  9. I heard good things about this one before too^^ Too bad I can't buy stuff online for a while I would like to get it :(

  10. Love Korean products! Will look out for this one!

    x Gi

  11. oh my gosh, i need that in my life! i've been looking for something like that for so long, thanks alot for the review, Janet! :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

  12. I like cooling sensations, they're soothing and refreshing :) Seems like it's a really affordable product as well!

  13. This is very interesting! And also looks very refreshing. I'd love to try this thing. :D

    I having a giveaway on my blog. Do check it out. :) x

  14. I enjoyed your review always look so fresh and beautiful. I must admit that TONYMOLY is one of those brands and Lioele that I loved (except lip tint that was a bad purchase). However I would try this product because after a long day of work my eyes look tired.

  15. The look of this product reminds me of a glue stick. But it's a great brand that I've always wanted to purchase something from.

    7% Solution​

  16. I've actually been meaning to try this! I havn't because I wasn't sure if it really does what it says it'll do since the price is so affordable. My eyes have been super puffy lately, not sure why but I'm gonna need to get this ASAP ! LOL Thnkx for reviewing babe.

  17. I want to try Tony Moly, their products seem so good!

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.


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