Victoria Secret Makeup Hauls

Hellos! Today I wanted to share the sexiest haul I’ve ever bought! =) I’ve never tried any Victoria Secret makeup as I always go for their perfume and lotions only~ I was quite intrigue the moment I saw the Backstage BombShell Makeup Kit, the box itself look really classy ^_~
Decided to get two Victoria Secret kit because ...well... I just want two! Lolz =)

1) The BombShell Look             USD 30
The kit contains:
l         VS PRO AirBrush FX Perfecting Primer SPF 20
l         Makeup Eye Shadow Trio
l         Makeup Eye Liner in Extreme Black
l         Voluptuous Volume Mascara
l         Luminous Mineral Blush
l         Sparkling Gloss
l         Bombshell Perfume

2) Backstage BombShell Makeup Kit            USD32
l         Gorgeous palette that contains eyeshadows, blusher, bronzer, mascara and eyeliner

So far I’m loving both kits as everything just look so gorgeous!! I just wish Victoria Secret would develop a makeup kit that could transform everyone into a Victoria Secret Angels! ^_~
Anyone tried Victoria Secret’s Makeup What can you say?


  1. wow both kits look pretty! and they are quite affordable as well.. ;))
    VS make up is available in Indonesia ( I'm in indonesia atm ) but they are incredibly expensive.. the prices are almost 3 times more expensive than the normal prices there in the US.. :/

  2. Wow gorgeous colors to play with.

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. They're surprisingly affordable! I'd have thought they'd hike up the price since they're marketing the makeup that VS girls might wear. I like the first kit a lot more though :) It has most things to complete a look.


  4. These two kits look awesome! The sparkly lip gloss in the first set looks pretty, and the second set has some super gorgeous looking eyeshadow shades <3

  5. Wow! I love your haul! My only VS when it comes to makeup is their Trio blush in bliss which I'm having a love hate relationship. I'll wait for your review on those items ^_^

  6. wow really georgeus kit. For me you´re a really cute makeup´s angel. Many thanks for share.


  7. really great choice of colors. another wonderful addition to your makeup collection.
    I have tried the VS eyeshadows, unfortunately I am not too fond of them. they aren't as pigmented compared to other brands.

  8. I like your eye makeup in that picture! So glam~
    I tried only one product from VS which was a really disappointing eyeshadow =/ so since then I haven't tried any other VS makeup. I much prefer their beeaauutiful smelling lotions!

  9. I ahven't tried any VS makeup except sa perfume nila which I totally love! Would love to see your reviews :) :)

  10. Looks very pretty and sweet, I put this on the list next month, thanks had to share it with us :)

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  11. Great post! Love your style!

  12. Great products! Victoria Secret sells a lot of stuff other than underwear don't they? WE don't have VS in the UK :(


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