MULE: Artist Natural Foundcealer Review

I’m arranging my stash of makeup and notice that I owned quite a number of foundations. I have like 15 different brands of foundations and around 5 BB’s wherein most of the BB’s are only touch once because BB’s broke me out badly >_<
I should really STOP hoarding foundation since I only have ONE face and I don’t think I’ll be able to use them all up. None of them are even half finish and most of them are still 80-90% full TT___TT~

Anyway back to the main topic of this post which is the review of MULE: Artist Natural Foundcealer. I won’t talk much on the brand MULE as I have already introduced it on my previous post HERE and HERE.

MULE- Artist Natural Foundcealer in Light              Price:USD68
Let’s start with the Packaging:
  • It comes in a thick acrylic compact wherein there is a mirror inside, a plastic cover and 2 black puff/sponge included
  • Cream consistency concealer and eye brightener is located on top and a pressing button at the bottom is made available for the liquid foundation to flow on the tiny hole in the middle part.
Available Shades: Light and Medium
Swatches in Light
The Concealer Cream is quite thick and creamy in my opinion. Although the coverage is superb but I find it a bit difficult to blend and work on. The Eye Brightener is thick too but a simple tapping can help minimize dark circles.

The Liquid Foundation is very creamy and it blends well on skin. The coverage is low to medium and buildable. Able to even out skintone, minimize redness and gives a dewy finish. Oil-control is good enough as I didn’t oil-up for 4hours and staying power is great as I don’t need to retouch for straight 6hours.

1-2  press is sufficient for entire face and the included puff is useful in applying the liquid foundation.

Overall Reviews:
I’m not that impress with the coverage of the liquid foundation as it did NOT conceal my acne scars and pigmentation. I guess that is the reason why they included the concealer cream whereas you could use it if you need an extra concealing. I do love the feeling of the liquid foundation as it is not heavy since you could still feel your pores breathing. The finishing is quite good too as it gives a smooth  feeling whereas a setting powder is not necessary at all. I would recommend this to those who have minimal blemishes and wants a lighter feeling foundation.

That’s it for my MULE:Artist Natural Foundcealer review~
Thanks for dropping by & Merry Xmas!!


  1. This foundation sounds promising! Such a shame you weren't that impressed with it :( Thanks for sharing though :)

    Merry Christmas! x

  2. waaa you're such a foundation person, while im a bbcream person. hehe..
    the eye brightener kinda orange-ish, look great!! but this one quite pricey.. ><

  3. wow you have so many foundation and bb cream :o
    too bad that the coverage isn't that good..
    your hair looks super gorgeus Janet..
    Merry Christmas :D

  4. lol I think I should also remind myself that I only have 1 face and def can not use up all the foundations or bb creams I have at home..The problem is, foundation or bb cream are like my fave stuffs to buy . lol

    anyway, the packaging of this foundcealer is interesting and unusual.. But it looks sturdy and luxurious ;))
    Merry Christmas Janet!! ^^

  5. This looks really creamy and thick. I found your comment about only having 1 face really funny. I feel like that all the time.

  6. My skin totally hates foundations.. I guess this one wont suit my skin as well ~_~

    Merry christmas cutie ^^

  7. it has very good coverage! :O love the natural effect, thanks for sharing this janet

  8. I hoard foundation as well, I got so many different ones it is crazy! I love liquid foundation as it glides on easily and gives an airbrushed effect! Shame that you didn't think the coverage was too good :(

  9. this one is good.. ang gaganda ng mga foundation mo actually... hindi common :)

  10. I have about 7-8 foundations but finding it a nightmare to finish just one! I've got 2 down to about 10-20% left. Really want to finish them all before I buy more!


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