Double Eyelid Tape and Glue Review

Today I’m going to review about Double Eyelid Tape and Double Eyelid Glue.

For those who don’t have an idea what the heck is Double Eyelid Tape/Glue, it may be because you are lucky to be born with big beautiful eyes so you wouldn’t know there’s a so-called “Double Eyelid Tape/Glue” existed in this world.
What is Double Eyelid Tape/Glue?
Eyelid tape is a clear pre cut adhesive tape that is placed on the eyelid in order to provide crease and also to reduce drooping of the eyelids. 

While Eyelid Glue is a water-soluble adhesive that can be applied on the upper eyelid, which is then pushed upward with a plastic prong and held in place by the adhesive. This method creates or enhances a fold in the eyelid ("double eyelid") that opens up the eye exposing the eyelashes. 

Eyelid tapes/glues are best suitable for people with weak eyelids that are droopy, who wants to create double crease eyelid, and small cheeky eyes.

Why I use it?
1)      I’m Asian and born with small eyes
2)      I have uneven eyes- right with crease and left with weak crease

My picture always turns out so ugly due to my uneven eyes, thus I needed an eyelid tape/glue to even out my eyes.

Here’s my review on Double Eyelid Tape/Glue:
I bought my Double Eyelid Tape at Etude House, nothing special just ark shaped tape.  The length of the tape matches the width of my eyes thus I don’t need to trim them.

I only wear Eyelid Tape at night and leave it overnight so that the crease on my right eye would look a bit deeper next morning.  I really don’t advise people to put on Eyelid Tape when going out without make-up because it looks so obvious and weird. But if you are going for a special occasion, adding an Eyelid Tape with heavy make-up would look great as the tape can be conceal under the make-up.

As for the Double Eyelid Glue, the application can be quite messy if you don’t apply it on the right areas. The reason why I purchase a Double Eyelid Glue is because I have watched this video. 

The demonstration in the video looks as if it is clean and easy to apply, but after purchasing eyelid glue I find it a total opposite.  I bought my Double Eyelid Glue at Daiso and “66 Big Eye Line Charm” from Etude House. I tried following the directions on the video but end up messing it all up. 

Why I don’t like Eyelid Glue:
-à Once applied, the glue will get dry and form into a white/transparent element stuck on your eyelid
-à If you have thick eyelids, the glue isn’t strong enough to hold the eyelid
-à Doesn’t last long; it would only create nice clean crease for about 10mins
--> My eyelids develops rashes everytime I put on eyelid glue

I really don’t recommend Eyelid Glue as it has a lot of cons/flaws in it. So if you really want to have those creases deepen then stick with Eyelid tape.

There’s another thingy called “Stretch fibre” which claims that this can perfectly create a natural-looking eyelid crease. I haven’t tried it yet cuz’ I’m having a hard time searching where to buy this product.

Basically it works like this:

The illustration seems convincing but I have yet to try those. Anyone who’s selling or knows where to buy please let me know…^_^

*** I'm really NOT a fan of either cuz' none of them works as I expected -___-


  1. I have use that fiber thingy few years ago and i hate it!

  2. @cominica-ai: aww, really? Why? I bought a pack few months ago and I think its a good product as it does help deep set my eyelid crease...But I only apply it overnight because it will be kinda weird wearing this outside as people might think a thread has stuck on your eyes..(-_-)"

  3. Where did you buy those? Is it also available in the Philippines? :> I really wanna buy those. :(

  4. @berna: yup, all of them are available locally: You can check it @ Etude House,TonyMoly, Saizen/Daiso, Watsons (aido booth) =)

  5. hi Janet,

    Have you tried to find the beauty products you might need? They sell the fiber thingy but you dont need to apply any glue like the video clip on your blog because the fiber thingy is already sticky.

  6. sorry, just saw your review on the 2B.

  7. @Anonymous: hellos! yup, I get to tried those..But I didn't quite like it..I still prefer the tape though..Thanks for dropping by..=)

  8. Hi, I didn´t know about those products, very interesting. I´m not asian but a great great parents were mixed race and as result I have samall eyes and I liked this blog. thanks.

  9. nice blog.
    i am very interested in the eyelid glue :)

    xoxo milla

  10. I live in Norway and here we fewly have asian stores :(
    Do you know where I can buy eyelid glue at online?
    pls answer my question

  11. u can buy eyelid thread at alot of placeslike guardian, watsons ,sasa.i have but it doesnt work at all:(

  12. but u get drooopy eyelids if u use the eyelid glue often so its better to use the sticker

  13. I bought the stretch fiber on amazon/ ebay. I like how it looks under my makeup, but the drawbacks are
    (1) not as strong as the glue
    (2) the fiber falls off when your lid starts to grease or if you apply a lot of makeup on
    (3) expensive
    the fiber works better with a layer of glue on it, but then I have to deal with a glue problem.

  14. Eyelid tape simply doesn't work for me, so I might try a eyelid glue. Thanks for sharing this post!

    x Gi

  15. OMG that kid is so cute - is it you?

    1. hehe, nope just random photo I found on google =)

  16. Hi Janet. where i can buy that? I want it so badly. here in manila, pasay

    1. hello dear, I bought it at sasa online ^_~


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