LED TV, Skin Rashes + Giveaway winner!

Hellos! I know I know the title is pretty confusing and almost non-related to each other but I just wanted to share tiny bits of my happenings. My daily life is ULTRA boring to the max so I seldom include it on my blog but this happening is one of a kind to me so I just need to share it! Last weekend, I attended our team Christmas Party and guess what! (*Drum rolls*)
I won myself an LED TV!!! 
I have been with the company for 5 long years, never did I won anything and this is the very first!~ 
This is quite memorable to me cuz’ this is the 1st prize I ever won in my ENTIRE LIFE!!! I hope more blessings and my “LUCK” continue to grow.

My skin is acting really weird lately as my face grew tiny bumps of rashes and few cystic pimples popping out of nowhere. I’m not sure who the culprit was but I think it would be either the INNISFREE Melting Foundation which I have been using consistently these few weeks or the Kojie-san Cleanser Toner that I have started using these few days. I have been using the INNISFREE Melting Foundation for few weeks already and never did I expertise any disturbance until I started using the Kojie-san Cleanser Toner.
I bought the Kojie-san Toner because the shop I visited does NOT have Eskinol Spot-Less C so I opted to try the Kojie-san instead. I have high hopes on it as it claims to cleanses, tone and prevent blemishes. Which in my instances, it does cleanse well enough but it gave me cystic acnes and rashes!!! I guess never switch products especially if you have acne-prone skin >_<

Lastly, my 300K giveaway has ended and the winner is…………………………............................................
Congrats on winning Lovely A. w/ GFC name as  Crazy Kenpachi
 Please do email your complete name, address with zip code and contact number to allaboutjyl@gmail.com
I’ll wait for your email in 48 hours orelse I’ll have to choose a new winner!
Thanks again to all who joined!! Loved you all =)


  1. Congrats! Blessing will come and come for sure. I remember my first time winning a giveaway.. I felt the same way as you did :)

  2. Ah. Dayoung :) Do you watch her hello baby? :D
    Congrats btw.


  3. congratssssss janet for your winning ^^

  4. aww dayoung!
    glad that you won hehe really cool ^>^

  5. Wow!!! That is an amazing prize!! Congratulations!!! I hope your skin will get better soon.


  6. Omg, congrats on winning the TV!!! LOL thats pretty amazing!!!!!! :)

  7. Congrats on a new TV!!! That's definitely an awesome prize. :D
    Oh no! That toner is probably the culprit in the crime...:/ It's always so annoying to find a product you want to like, but it ends up doing something wrong.

  8. Wow, congrats on your winning, Janet!
    Wishing you more luck and success in years ahead :)

    And I'm sorry to hear that the you're getting a break out, it always sucks to be having them. Usually if I'm having a break out, a routine thorough cleansing and serum would help me. I hope those break outs will be gone soon, dear..


  9. wow.. i ve been working to our company for about 7 years but im not lucky to win anything from raffle draws =) dito lang sa blogging world ako nagkakaron ng chance manalo hihi

  10. Hi sis! Hehehe natuwa ako sa gif na baby girl. She's so cute! And wow! LED TV! Congrats! You deserved it! Hehe. About the Kojie San, I already emptied a bottle last month, and did not repurchase one. It's nice but it is not enough to remove nor prevent acne. Di siya hiyang sayo.

  11. congrats!! must have been amazing!!

  12. Congrats! That's pretty awesome~


  13. omg congratulations janet! a LED tv? seriously that was great :D

  14. wow congrats! youa re so lucky Janet

  15. Congrats Janet!! TAAS! LED TV :) Toshiba pa! Merry christmas indeed!! &Hearts;

    The Misty Mom

  16. Congrats Janet!!!! ^^

  17. Congrats on winning the TV, I rarely win anything either so I can understand the excitement. My daily life is super boring as well, but hey, at least we have jobs ... I guess :p

  18. I think I might try that Eskinol Spotless C, since you wrote a review on it. The first part of this post was so cute/funny! That's so awesome that you won the TV, hope you're enjoying it :)

  19. Wow, congratulations on your win! I NEVER win anything ever, either. So I'm happy for you!! :)

    My makeup blog

  20. oh wow!!! a big congrats Janet!! what an amazing prize, woohoo LED TV =D im so happy for you, such an amazing Christmas present :)

  21. Wow! lucky you girl! i never won in any contests i joined. Or raffle. :(


  22. Aww congrats that is amazing! I've won stuff before but not a TV!! Yay early Christmas present for you ;)

  23. Congrats Janet! ^__^

    and thank you so much... I really love this prizes.. I can't wait to have them. >_<

  24. congrats!
    you re so lucky!


  25. congratulations on winning! i wish i had the same luck as you :) hahaha :) aww you broke out? :( you should've bought eskinol and dalacin-c. :) it'll dry your zits :) or zen zest's tea tree oil :) i broke out a month ago, as in reeeally big ones. i had no choice but to resort to peeling treatments. for 2 and a half weeks. thank God it's over -_-


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