Review: Rosette: Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash (Mango Scrub)

Rosette: Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash (Mango Scrub)
Price: USD12             Size:110g
What is Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash?
·         A make-up remover as well as a cleanser from a fruit esthetic series containing AHA fruit acid.
·         Contains fine grains that clear away dirt in pores and dead skin cells.
·         Gently exfoliates and clarifies skin with relaxing aroma of delicious mango.
·         Able to make your skin look clear and luminous.
Ingredient Mentioned:
Water, BG, palmitic acid isopropyl, isononanoic acid isononyl, glycerin, olive oil, PEG -75, polysorbate 60, squalene, stearic acid glyceryl, palmitic acid cetyl, stearyl alcohol, TEA, acetic acid tocopherol, Cal bomber, royal jelly extract, xanthan gum, ethanol, lavender oil, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, phenoxyethanol

My Reviews after using the entire tube:
Why I’m loving this:
·         Makes your skin crystal clear but managed to still lock in moisture that makes skin soft and smooth
·         Love the Fruity Mango scent
·        Gentle enough to use it everyday
·         A pea-sized amount is enough to cleanse the entire face
·         Effectively remove stubborn makeup

A little bit “Uh-Oh”:
·         Expensive, because mine @ an independent Japan shop and later found out that it’s extremely affordable and cheaper in Japan
·         Difficult to find locally 
-    Contains Paraben
-    Might not be suitable for dry skin

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog that AHA works BEST for me! So anything with AHA I’m so eager to try it!! Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash is pretty much similar to Cleansing Research’s AHA wash. Basically I think both facial wash delivers EXACTLY the same results: Heals and Prevents acne. But there’s this one thing that makes Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash reign over Cleansing Research’s AHA Wash: Crystal Clear Skin. I’ve noticed that every time I wash my face with Washa AHA Deep Cleansing Wash, it makes my skin Crystal Clear.

Buy Again? YES!!!
Recommend? Yes!! Expecially acne-prone & oily skin!
Rate: 4.5/5


  1. Thanks for the review! This sounds like a great cleanser :)

  2. Aw this product sounds awesome!!!
    Eeee, I want to smell it!

  3. seems like a great product but do u know where this is available in ph? XP

    bout your comment on the snoe product, yes they do have something for the acne, specifically. they have the calamansi soap which is really effective on me and the gluta powder mask has ingredients which will dry up acne faster too :)

  4. Sounds good. thx for the review dear ^^

    thx for following ^^ i’m following back <3 <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  5. This sounds like something I need to try!

  6. Looks like a goob cleanser nice post!
    God Bless you~~
    Happy new Year 2012!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  7. That looks like a really good cleanser, I am a fan of AHA as well. I use a separate AHA 'treatment' kind of thing but I'm wondering if I should drop the treatment and find a cleanser or moisturizer that contains AHA. I like your blog, following! :)))


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