Guest Post: Cost of Beauty Infographic

Cost of Beauty Infographic
This infographic demonstrates beauty from a financial and statistical point of assessment. It clearly shows that the average spendings on the institution of maintaining beauty is approximately 59 billion of American dollars. The spendings of one average woman in USA is about 40 dollars a month. Also, we are exposed to a statistic about the concerns of women over 50. One more interesting fact – if to compact all the age groups, the overwhelming majority of women (87%) have acknowledged the fact that if they had more money, they would have spent a lot more. Yet another field we discover is trade. Which goods of beauty maintenance are the most popular ones?

Here is also an explicit statistic of women who have made plastic surgeries. It appears that 8.4 millions of American women have offered themselves to plastic surgeons in 2011. This amount is 91% of the overall number of plastic surgeries; consequently we may form a conclusion about men, doing plastic surgeries, which there are only 9% of. Furthermore, with plastic surgeries, we can see from the statistics the average age in which women commit themselves to surgeons in the pursuit of everlasting beauty. AN additional fact about plastic surgeries we can discover from this infographic – three the most popular types of them and their average costs.

    beauty infographic v2 1 Cost of Beauty Infographic


  1. This is all scary numbers. It makes you stop and think. But I know I spend over $40 a month on beauty related items, I just want to try everything!

  2. Really interesting post Janet! Although I don't think suncare is really a beauty item as much as it is a healthcare item. It's good to see statistics like this sometimes especially for those of us with budget considerations.

  3. Interesting! Everything up there I personally believe is true!

  4. Interesting stats but none of it is surprising. I actually expected higher numbers on spend and surgeries.


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