Review on HERA HD Fix Foundation (SPF15 PA+) + FOTD

Hellos! Today I am going to review an HD foundation from a brand called “HERA”. “HERA” is a flagship brand under AmorePacific in Korea. To know more about HERA click HERE.
I decided to try Hera’s HD fix foundation as I’ve seen great reviews on it and I am also in a lookout for a nice foundation that doesn’t give ghastly white cast.

Hera HD Fix Foundation SPF15 PA+  in Pink Beige P21      Price 50,000KRW (USD50)
What it claims:
  • High definition foundation that stays on skin for 12 hours long
  • Able to improve coverage and even out skintone
  • Minimizes darkening and maintain skin brightness
  • Dermatologist tested
My thoughts after using:
1)    Consistency – In between a cream and lotion; feels really light and non-sticky 
2)    Shades – available in 4 shades (Light Beige, Pink Beige, Natural Beige and True Beige)
3)    Packaging – sturdy and classic  acrylic bottle with pump
4)    Oil Control – pretty good as I never experience oiliness for straight 8 hours
5)    Coverage – Low to medium; tends to minimize redness and even skin out; instant boost on skin brightness
6)    Scent – floral scent but would go away in a few minutes
7)    Application-  managed to blend well on skin and easy to buff or spread on skin
8)    Lasting Power – it claims to last for 12 hours but haven’t stayed that long so cannot comment; but the foundation was still pretty intact for 10 hours straight on my face
9)    Suitability – Did NOT encounter any discomfort for a sensitive skin like me
10) Availability – easily reachable in quite a few online shops

What I like about:
  • Air light feeling foundation; close to nothing
  • High in oil control yet does NOT accentuate dry spots
  • Will NOT look cakey or crease/sets in fine lines
  • Able to brighten up skin tone instantly
  • Gives a smooth matte finish and non-transferable
What I hate about:
  • Coverage is pretty low and not buildable
  • Expensive as it was priced at USD50
Overall Conclusion:
I love this foundation, because among all other foundation I have tried; this has the lightest feeling. Yes, it feels even lighter than my Shu-Uemura’s face architect foundation. Even though the coverage was pretty low, but it still managed to conceal pigmentation and even out skintone well enough. 

Comparison with Shu-Uemura’s face architect  in 774 Light Beige

Me in Bare Face and With Hera Foundation Portrait:

Even though I love this, but I would NOT buy again as I prefer a higher coverage since I have lots of imperfection to conceal. But this is great for everyday wear as it feels light and gives radiance to skin. This foundation is more suitable to those with less imperfection and is aiming for a much brighter skin finish.
~That’s it for my review on the HERA HD Fix Foundation~
~ Ending with a FOTD wearin’ Hera Hd Fix foundation~
~ Thanks for dropping by~

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  1. It looks good :) I have blemishes and I need a foundation who can cover them.

    Although you said this is not buildable meaning i have to use more amount of this foundation?

    Let me know! The packaging is quite nice!

    1. the coverage was pretty sheer itself and I tried piling up layers but still the coverage is still low..T__T The packaging indeed is so classy ^_~

  2. It really does look expensive and when I saw the price, ay nako, wouldn't buy it kasi ang mahal XD thanks for the review!!! ^^

  3. I was assuming since it was HD it'd have more coverage, hmpf. I like the packaging though, it looks really sophisticated!
    Plus it still looks great on your skin :)

  4. its quite expensive and the coverage not that good too.. ><

  5. I always wanted to try Hera!
    You say its not high coverage but looks to me it covered a lot while making it look so natural!
    Looks really great on your skin, by the way :)

  6. Oooh Ive been hearing about this brand :) Maganda siya sayo and from the photos, flawless naman ah!


  7. never came across this brand before! but their packaging looks class'!
    its a shame its not high coverage though, but it still looks good on you!
    you have a pretty bare face! ^^~

  8. The packaging is so luxe! Too bad it's so expensive for little cover. ;~;
    Looking gorg as always! Thanks for sharing~

  9. wow it's nice to read a review about this foundation! I've heard a lot that Hera is a high end brand in korea, but to order something online and pay so much money for thing I can't try before is a bit gambling for me..
    Did you buy it online or does Hera have a store in phillipines?
    the finish looks nice on you , btw! it doesnt cover all the imperfections, but it evens out your skin and makes it look radiant ;))

    1. I bought it online because I've seen great raves on youtube so I went ahead and purchase it~ I do regret it as the coverage was so sheer >_<

  10. Owow such detailed posts! I need the one with longer wear...definitely the 12-hr one's the way to go! Thanks for the tip!

    Also- I’m hosting a décor-to-dress giveaway where 3 winners will WIN a fabulous frock of their choice just in time for the holidays! Hope you’ll stop by to enter the contest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. Siguro sis kaya di ganon kaganda coverage nya kasi light yung formula nya. Pero dahil sa USD50 sya, it should have a good coverage. Looks like you also pay for it's packaging, ang bongga kasi parang perfume lang!

    Pretty Thrifty

    1. ang bongga nga ng packaging pero the product itself is bleh T__T~ hays, bagay lang ata sya sa mga koreana who have perfect skin to begin with..~ Ako naman di ko like >_<

  12. I think its pretty costly for a korean brand make up :p
    Where other cheaper korean brand is available with relatively good quality, no?

    1. Yeah, totally agree ^_~ Though HERA is considered as High end brand in Korea but for this HD foundation I really don't agree on its "HD" claims.

  13. Where do you find all these new brands?! And I think ok naman siya sa skin mo. You don't need like super heavy foundation. What you are wearing up there is enough na. :D

    1. sa youtube sis..hehe~ I watch beauty gurus videos and most of the korean gurus rave about this brand~ Hindi cya ok for me, yun mga lubaklubak kong face hindi naconceal T___T~

    2. Wala ako makitang lubak lubak na sinasabi mo darling! As for youtube si michelle phan lang pinapanuod ko pero since nag lancome siya wala na. Ayaw ko narin siya panuodin! :p

    3. meron peak scar..aaarrrgh..>__< So ayaw mu sa lancome? hahaha..ok padin naman cya kahit she works for lancome although sometimes mejo too "marketing" na yun mga videos nya, but i still adore her!!! ^_~

  14. looks like a great product, I've never heard of HERA before, thanks for sharing Janet!

  15. so expensive huhuhu~ you can definitely tell the quality is so good

  16. as I know Hera is one of high end brand from amore pacific, am I right? that's why the price is so expensive ;_;
    too bad that the coverage is not so good, since i am also looking for foundation or bb cream with high coverage:p
    great review Janet ^^

    1. Hi rini! yes it was =) Despite the raves and being a "high-end" brand it still failed my expectation T__T~ thanks for dropping by~ I wasn't able to visit your site earlier as Chrome detected some Malware on nuffnangX but good thing you revert it back to bloggger comments ^_~

  17. what a nice coverage :D i love how you styling your hair >D<

  18. thanks for the review, it's very useful!

  19. Helloo janettt! Still as pretty! ^^ The coverage seems pretty good! Thanks for the review~

  20. Looks nice! The packaging looks good :) But I agree probably a bit light for this time of year but in the summer a light coverage is nice though.

  21. pretty good coverage... yes I do agree with you it's quite pricy.

  22. Huh. It's interesting that you thought the coverage was low, because I thought it was quite thick in the swatch on your hand. Just goes to tell you that just pictures just don't work.

    Still looks lovely in packaging though, haha.

  23. Looks nice on you! It's a bit pricey for a foundation though.


  24. Amazing review! I also have a lot of imperfection to cover up! But by the way you look flawless! :)



  25. great review!
    i've been curious about it since it is often compared to the MUFE HD foundation.
    Hera is a pretty much high end brand even in korea, but still the price is steep. ;-/

  26. oh wow, the packaging is really great, so chic :) I really want to try this foundation, it looks like it will suit my skin type.
    thanks for the great review as always Janet <3

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway:
    (sunglasses & prescription glasses)

    hope you have a fab day gorgeous! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Thanks Chrisy, will join your giveaway ^_~

  27. it actually sounds like a really good foundation! The idea of not oiling up for 10hrs straight sounds amazing. It seemed to have done a good job on your skin!! Looking great Janet!

  28. Woooow! I super want to try this! If only I have the extra cash for this. It's kinda... err... no... it's too expensive for me! Haha! But I shall write this in my wishlist! Thanks for the review! :D

  29. Ah! I have this one! :D and I love it with a passion!! :) Bought it for 1.8k :) but it's worth it :) Very photogenic on camm!! :) I wear it on wedding though hahaha and special occasions. I call it my golden foundation as it's my most expensive one -_-


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