IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up Special Set Reviews

Many of you might not be that familiar with the brand IPKN so here goes a little overview on this brand. 
IPKN  which stands for Independent Professional Korean Newyorker is a premium Korean brand launched by INEL Cosmetics Co., Ltd wherein the concept behind this brand is “simple, professional like New Yorker”. IPKN products are designed for today’s modern career women.
Here are my reviews on the IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up Special Set:
1)      IPKN Artist Wave Auto Puff (Vibrator)
What it claims:
·         It’s basically a Vibrating Puff wherein it claims to vibrate 12000 times in 1 minute which gives a super nice and even coverage that no other brush or sponge could do.
My Reviews:

·       It really provides an even coverage wherein no visible streaks (where brushes normally does) or uneven patches (where sponge/BB normally creates) exist.
·         The coverage is really thin and light wherein it only tends to even out skintone
·         You won’t be able to build up the coverage

2)      IPKN Artist Wave Auto Wave Sun Foundation with SPF50+, PA+++ (Shade 23)
What it claims:
·         It’s a compact cream that claims to have 10 functions such as a Sunblock, Primer, Base, BB, Foundation, Makeup Fixer etc. It is also water-proof and doesn’t contain any artificial color, talc and paraben.

My Reviews:
·         The coverage is medium to high, definitely buildable
·         Able to even out skintone, conceal some pigmentation but for scars and cystic acne this won’t help at all
·         Provides a soft dewy finish
·         Oil-Control and lasting power is medium, around 4-5 hours
·         Would reflect white cast on flash photography

3)      IPKN Perfume Powder Pact (Fresh & Matte) (Shade 23)

What it claims:
· It’s a compact powder that claims to give skin a soft and silky look

My Reviews:
·         The coverage is low to medium, it was able to minimize redness
·         The consistency is smooth and light and it gives you a fresh and matte finishing
·         Oil-Control is good as it keeps my face quite matte for around 7-8 hours without retouching or blotting
·         Might appear chalky to dry patches

4)      IPKN My Flash Cream SPF30PA+++

What it claims:
· Primer and smoothing function that gives a natural highlight to skin

My Reviews:

·       The color is in light pinkish cream but once spread to skin it gives you a subtle glossy finish
·          It is similar to High Beam but the consistency is much much lighter and gives a more natural glow on skin
·         Doesn’t last long, it would fade in just 3-4 hours (no more skin glow after 3-4hours >_< )

Overall review on the IPKN Artist Wave Auto Make-up Special Set:

Honestly, I didn’t like this set at all except for the Flash Cream. I super love the Flash Cream as it really gives you such as nice skin glow! The Artist Wave Auto Puff vibrator is really not that useful if you have a bad skin (yours, truly) as you won’t be able to build the coverage. As for the Sun Foundation and Powder Pact, the coverage is not that good as well. If you have less imperfection, then you would definitely love this set but if you have a lot of blemishes (yours, truly) that needs more coverage then I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

PS: I bought this merely because I am a certified Victoria(宋茜)fan! Lolz! And the cf is super gorgeous!

Have anyone tried a vibrating puff? 


  1. OMG I wanna try the vibrating sponge!! looks soooooo interesting :D
    too bad the set didn't do you good :/ the flash cream looks nice though!

  2. wow.. thanks for this review.. super amazed ako hihi.. thanks for having the chance to win one.. this coming saturday i'll use the hair dye you've sent me as prize for winning your giveaway! excited! =)

    thanks hun..

  3. you're so pretty despite the blemishes :) hmmm.. i don't like the vibrating sponge. yes, it gives an even coverage, looks really natural. but idk. it's super sheer. -_- and it's pretty much pricy. i was planning on getting one from skin shop's but oh well.

    the flash glow looks interesting!! :) hahhaa anyway thanks for the review :)

  4. The vibrating puff is such a novel thing. I totally like the concept. :)

  5. The puff thingy is so cool! So interesting. First time seeing it! And YOU ARE SO PRETTY(I just have to say this each time I comment on your blog.) Hehehehe.

  6. Too bad this set didn't work out for you, the vibrating puff looks so cool! The sun foundation looks really good on your skin though!

  7. I've never heard of this brand before but the products look really interesting. The vibrating puff in particular, looks really cool, but it's too bad you can't build up the coverage. I really like the sleek packaging and design too. The sun foundation gives you a very nice, even complexion :)

  8. seems is a very good brand ^^


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