Review on Skinception Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener

What is Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener?
l         Claims to dramatically fade hyperpigmentation including Freckles, Sun Spots, Acne Melasma, Age spots and etc
l         Able to whitens, lighten and brightens skin significantly
l         Helps achieve flawless, air-brushes, ivory-toned complexion skin
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My Reviews:
I bought the Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener merely because I was satisfied with what Dermefface FX7 has done to me so I decided to tag this along since this is also under Skinception.
l         Consistency is pretty creamy and thick and has a tint of light yellow but would fade into transparent once absorbs to skin
l         Despite being creamy and thick, it does NOT feel sticky at all on skin
l         It absorbs completely to skin making skin look more radiant and glowy

l         Does not contain Hydroquinone (which most lightening products have such as NEOSTRATA and Clinique) Mercury, Steroids, Bleach and other Toxic Substance
l         Felt super light on skin; not heavy nor sticky at all (you can almost feel your skin breathe even after application)
l         Does not clog pores or aggregate my existing acnes
l         Can also be used as Makeup Base 
l         Didn’t encounter any discomfort such as purging or breakouts
l         Skin look more radiant and bright the next morning
l         I did notice that it help a bit on my pigmentation and sun spots
l         Expensive and hard to find
l         Extremely Strong medicinal smell similar to a chinese herbal medicine just 10 times stronger
l         Might take awhile before seeing improvement on skin lightening

Recommend & Buy Again?
I would recommend this to those who wants to have a brighter and much radiant complexion as this really does the job. But take note that it really has an extravagant smell so if you guys have a sensitive smell you might not like this at all.
I don’t think I would buy again as the smell really annoys me so I would probably just stick with Dermefface FX7 as it doesn’t have any specific smell at all.

Dermefface FX7: Focuses on Scars and its mains function is to LIGHTEN the scars
Illuminatural 6i Advanced Skin Lightener: Focuses on Pigmentation, Freckles/Sun Spots and its main function is to DIMINISH those and at the same time enhances skin radiant
Hope this helps ^_~


  1. How much for both?Ganda na ng skin mo sis :) I'm glad to see the improvements :)

    1. Hi Kath, I forgot the exact price but they sold separately naman I think this is around PHP2k =)

  2. How much was it?

    And wow, your skin is really improving na :)

    1. Hi Chriselle,
      Forgot the exact price but its around 2K ^_~

  3. Those pictures are so convincing! It looks incredible. XD I wantt!
    Thanks for sharing~

  4. seems like this is a good choice for diminishing pigmentation :D
    but i'm more curious with Dermefface FX7 because of the acne reason ._.
    Thanx for sharing Janet ^^

  5. Ooh, this is an interesting post. I, too, have acne scars that I'm working on getting rid of and I think the Dermefface FX7 would also serve me better.

    Thanks for sharing! I really appreciate your skincare reviews! *goes to ebay to search for Dermefface FX7*

  6. Hey Janet! Loooong time! How have you been?! HOpe you doing well! Btw I have posted about another $80 giveaway, so plz check it out! haha

  7. Oh I just can't stand products that smell so strong. :/

  8. nice review.. found myself googling the product :)

  9. Hello Janet,

    Nice blog! Very informative and useful! :-)

    Wanted to ask if i can use these together:

    * Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
    * Illuminatural 6i / Dermefface
    * Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion (Age Reform)

    Using these to combat face oil and minimize pores at the same time lighten the face.

    Which should i put on first? Also, where can i buy them locally?

    Thanks so much and more power!


    1. Hi Alex,
      thanks for dropping by =)
      yes, you could use them altogether as each of them provides different functions. Murad is available in all Rustans while the Dermefface is available at Use the Cleanser first then followed it with the Dermefface and lastly use the Lotion to keep skin moistuize.

      Hope this helps~

  10. Hi Janet, your blog is very helpful, I have got rid of my acne spots however have been left behind with very noticealbe big dark spots/scars on my face, i have tried many diffrent spot creams such as freederm, tea tree oils, zinc... and although they have got rid/reduced the spot size, redness significantly after long daily use, they have no effect on the scarring and dark spots. I have oliy and dry skin and want to avoid make up. What would you recommend as the best product for reparing dark spots and scaring from acne.

    1. hi dear, I would recommend a Vit. C serum for lightening for spots and a morocco argan oil for smoothing the surface of skin to make it look less scarring. These two work for me! hope this helps =)

  11. Replies
    1. I'm not sure but you can try ebay =)

  12. Hi
    Can I use illum6 at the same time I'm using cliniqu 3 steps if so please tel me how to use

    1. I suggest not to as using too much ingredient altogether may trigger much complication. It is better to finish using a specific product then follows =)

  13. Oh one thing more the reason I wana use illum6 is I have left scar of arcane n dark part in lower my cheeks so please tel me if u think its good to use this product for my problem.
    Thank u

    1. Hi dear, it depends on one's skin condition. It did NOT completely remove my scar but it did lighten a bit of it =)

  14. Hi dear thanks
    U know I just use the there step of clinique which is cleanser set n toner n musturezer so do think I should stop to use them please I really need to know
    Thank u soo much

    1. If you think your skin is getting better with the clinique then I suggest to continue using it =) Once you have finish the clinique then you can move on and use this one instead =)

  15. Hi
    Im not using cliniqu for my problem its just for rutine my problem is the uneven skin tone n i heard abot this product so im thinkg abot giving a try.

  16. Hi Janet,
    You are so Pretty! I really like your blog. :)
    I would like to use Illuminatural 6i to fight the tan I got because of extended sun exposure. I also have dark circles and puffy eyes! Any ideas/advices?

    1. thank you for your sweet comments Zune =) I'm not sure but it lighten my pigmentation a bit =)

  17. Hi Janet,

    Have you tried Belo Essentials and if so, do there work and do you theink they would work on darker skin tones?

  18. Hi Janet,

    I found the review you did a while back about Belo Essentials, thank you for helping me NOT make a big mistake to waste my money on it. By the way, I think you very pretty and I just stumbled across your blog by accident but I must say I love it and I find it very helpful. I will be in contact with you. :)

    South Africa

    1. Hello Jenn,
      Thanks for dropping by =)
      I've tried the Belo essentials before and it didn't do anything on my skin at all so I was quite dissapointed with the product itself =(
      Thank again for your sweet comment ^_~

  19. Hi Janet,

    You are looking very beautiful and your skin is glowing. I want to use illuminatural 6i to lighten my skin and to also get rid of dark spots. Would this product help???



    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thank you for your sweet comment =)
      Honestly, the results were not that good as it simply lighten my skin but acne spots and scars are very much visible >_<

  20. hi janet,
    I've been following your blog for a while now and I found your post to be really helpful! considering I'm also from the ph. and that we have the same skin condition as well. I was wondering since you have a lot of experience with whitening/lightening creams, what do you recommend? I'm REAL skin color is NC15, but most parts of my body ( usually those exposed, like my arms and lower legs are NC20, but for some sad reason is, My face is NC25/NW25ish :(

    Thank you,


    1. hello Mimi, thank you for dropping by ^_~ You have quite a fair skin already so I don't think you would need "whiten" =) But if you would like to somehow even out or you overall skin color, you might want to use some whitening soaps such as kojic, glutathione type soap then probably add a serum that contain glycolic acid. Combining those two would help achieve a much fairer shade~Hope this helps =)

    2. hi janet, thanks so much for replying :) I have actually tried using whitening soaps but still, it was a fail for me :( I have like super sensitive skin and I'm prone to allergies and, do you recommend this cream? I've done some research for the best whitening or lightening products for the face, that's my only concern since it looks so off compared to the rest of my body T_T

    3. Hello Mimi, honestly I wouldn't recommend this since you have mentioned that you are prone to allergies and sensitivity. This, unfortunately contains silicone and titanium dioxide which can cause discomfort to some people with allergy issue =( So far, I haven't tried any mild whitening product as most of them includes harsh ingredients such as Hydroquinone and glycolic. Though they are quite effective, but for people with sensitive skin its better to skip those product that contains such ingredients. Have you tried Mosbeau product? I think they do function quite well on my skin, interms of brightening =)

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