Review on BIODERMA: Sebium Mat Tinted Anti-Shine Fluid

Hellos! Today I will share my review about the Bioderma: Sebium Mat Tinted (Anti-Shine) fluid after testing it for quite a few weeks already.
Before I start my review, I will provide you with the product claims first:
BIODERMA: Sebium Mat Tinted Anti-Shine Fluid               Size: 40 ml
What it claims:
  • Neutralize shine
  • Provides optical correction (less light reflected and matte finish
  • Prevents blocking of pores
  • Helps renew and tighten pores
My Reviews:
Consistency: Non-sticky, runny liquid that blends well to skin
Shade: One shade only which comes in an ashy beige color
Coverage: Zero to light (barely there)
Oil-Control: 5-6 hours
Finish: Velvet Matte
Suitability: Oily to Combination skin
Packaging: Squeeze tube
Price: PHP980 or USD25
Availability: Digital Traincase

The Good: (Why I’m loving it):
  • It runs smoothly to skin, hence application is easy as it blends well on skin
  • Tried it without setting powder and it lasted me for a few good hours staying matte and shine-free
  •  Able to minimize the redness and somewhat even out skin tone
  • Did not encounter any irritation or discomfort
The Bad: (Needs Improvement):
  • No coverage at all =(
Overall Reviews:
  • It’s basically a tinted moisturizer so don’t expect coverage at all, but I was amazed on how it kept me shine-free and matte on a couple of good hours
  • Though it might not have any coverage, it somehow diffuses my imperfection and making it look MSBB (my skin but better) effect
That’s it for my review on this tinted moisturizer!
~With Full Makeup in Flash Photography~
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