LadyKin Hauls + First Impression

Hellos! Today I will share a short hauls I made for the Korean brand: LADYKIN~ On the last few months, I have been too focused with French Skincare brands so today I wanted to share a Korean brand to keep up with the whole Korean Beauty thread~
First off a little overview of the brand LADYKIN, it was launched in 2012 and claims that all their product are  made affordable but created with high-quality and eco-friendly ingredients that are free from parabens and synthetic colors. For more info about LADYKIN, click HERE.

Here are the products I hauled from LADYKIN:
*just click on the product to direct you to its page*

1) TWINKLIGHT LIP & EYE REMOVER                    Price: PHP352 or USD 9
What it claims:
l       Claims to eliminates waterproof makeup thoroughly
l       Made especially for those with sensitive eyes/skin

First Impression:
l       Ohmaygawd!! This is by far the BEST “two-phase” makeup remover I’ve tried to date!!! Just one swipe and all my makeup including heavy eyeshadows and waterproof mascara went gone! AMAZING!!
l       Did NOT irritate my super sensitive eyes!! LOVING IT~~
l       Does NOT feel greasy at all!! Super LOVED!!!
l       I will do a more detailed review on this for sure cuz it's a LOVE at First Try!! ^_~

What it claims:
l       Ultra-fine powder that naturally covers blemishes and controls sebum
l       Helps keep skin looking soft and smooth
l       Provides moisture and resilience to skin

First Impression:
l       Ohmaygawd!! (sorry for using it again, I’m lacking expression now, lolz) the powder was ULTRA SMOOTH! I think this is the first time I’ve touch a powder so so so so smooth and fine ever!!
l       Packaging was pretty sturdy plus design is cute too~
l       Tried swatching it and coverage was quite impressive!!
l       Detailed review once I get to road test it ^_~

3) GUMIHO LUMINOUS CC CREAM                   Price: PHP680 or USD 15
What it claims:
l       Contains Micro-capsules that adjust accordingly to own skin tone
l       Helps keep skin moist and brighten up skintone
l       Provides whitening and anti-aging benefit to skin

First Impression:
l       Consistency is a mixture of liquid powder hence make it very easy to blend to skin
l       The finish is almost silky and adds a natural glow to skin
l       Again, It's a Love at First Try!

I am very impressed with the quality LADYKIN has provided on their products! So far it exceeded more to my expectation! A definitely MUST-TRY brand for this~ Will road test these products and upate you on the outcomes soon ^_~
In the meantime, you can visit LADYKIN PH in these platforms:

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