Makeup Brush Hauls + Rant

Hellos! Last week I went around the mall to grab a bottle of Muji’s Cleansing Oil, but end up getting stuff that are not required at all >_<” 
I remember seeing the Artist Studio brushes from Eyah’s haul; while Arra’s and Genzel providing good reviews on them too. Hence, without any hesitation pick up some brushes and so far I am loving them!
The average price of these brushes were more or less a dollar and two! Super duper affordable, yet quality is superb! (sorry sigma! you are way too expensive, I’ll probably stick with Artist Studio brushes moving forward!)

If you are wondering, why the heck a MUJI brush was included on the haul is due to me being stupid >_<”
I only intend to purchase the cleansing oil from MUJI, but end up grabbing this foundation brush as the pricetag I saw that time was PHP350. Little did I know, there was a “1” hiding infront of the 350!! *kill me now** >_________________<
 This is my face after walking out the MUJI shop -___-
Have you guys have the same stupidity encounter as I did?
Share some and let’s have a good laugh together , lolz ^_~
Thanks for dropping by ^_~

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