Review: Palty Foam/Bubble Hair Color/Dye in CARAMEL SAUCE

Bubble Hair Color has been a huge hit the moment it was first released by KAO’s LIESE/PRETTIA in the market. That is why Dariya have decided to also captivate this market by launching its own version of Bubble Hair Dye under its Brand “PALTY”. Guess the Foam/Bubble Hair color market is really heating up! (How I wish that we could also have our own version of Bubble Hair Dye locally!)

I recently purchased the Dairya’s Palty Foam/Bubble Hair Color/Dye in CARAMEL SAUCE.
(Swatches below)
Main Ingredients:
Contains Six Main Essential Ingredients:
1) Camellia flower / Tsubaki – moisture ingredients
2) 4 fruit extraction essences (orange, apple, peach and lemon) – moisturizer
3) High purity honey – glossy ingredients
4) Silk protein - long lasting color ingredients
5) Seaweed extracts – hair protection
6) Botanical protein – hair protection
Inside the Box containes:

(Right to Left)
 Base Water Oxide, Container and Spatula, AWAPACK Hair Color, After treatment Essence and Gloves

Basically it works pretty much the same as per Liese/Prettia bubble hair color.

(see below Step by Step procedure)

Step1: Pour the Base Water Oxide into the container

Step2: Add the AWAPACK Hair color into the mixing container

Step3: Mix and stir it for 20-40 times until if forms into Bubbles/Foamy
Step4: Apply the foam mixture to your head. Gently massage to apply evenly on you hair
Last Step: Wait 20 minute and wash hair with Shampoo and apply the Tsubaki Oil Hair Essence

Here are my reviews on this new product.
The Likes:
1)      Smells nice- sweet fruity scent; NO strong ammonia/chemical smell
2)      The packaging is so damn Kawaii!- pretty models plus the tools are so pinkish!
3)      Lots of cute and vibrant colors to choose from
4)      Very easy to apply compare to the older version where you have to apply it on comb first

The DisLikes:
1)      Difficult to find; Not available locally
2)      The staying color will not last long; In my case, the color would fade in just 2-3 weeks!

Chart  comparison for Prettia/Liese Versus Palty’s Hair Bubble Dye:

I Prefer
PHP650= USD15
PHP650= USD16
Mild Fruity Scent
Fruity Scent but has a hint of irritating chemical smell
Variations of shades/colors
10 Colors/Shades available
18-20 Colors/Shades available
Packaging Design
Cute pinkish tools included
Clear bottle with Pink pump
Convenient on Usage
Need to mix it in the provided container until it turn into bubbles
No mixing required. Just put the coloring into the provided pump bottle and hand it up and down
Staying Power
2-3 weeks
2-3 weeks
One box is NOT enough for shoulder length hair
One box is enough even for waist length hair or even longer

Basically both brands are pretty much similar; they just differ in Packaging and shades/color of dye. I suggest to put the Shades/Color as top priority on deciding whether which brand to purchase.

My Review on Palty’s Hair Bubble Dye in Caramel Sauce:
Since I just dyed my hair in Elegant Ash which is pretty much Dark Black thus after dying it with Caramel Sauce it was not that noticeable and turns out to be Dark Brown.

**Reference below after dying to CARAMEL SAUCE from Elegant Ash(Black tone)

Me loving Palty!!!!

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