Review on Rohto Z! Pro Eye Drops (intensity 6)

Price: PHP530 approx USD 12          Size:12ML
Bought it at Geisha’s Secret

Rohto Z! Eye Drops eye drop is a multi-purpose formulation in consideration of such causes of eye redness. Besides redness, it relieves eye inflammation and itching and bring cool and refreshing to your eyes.

Rohto Eye drops not only relieve dryness, redness and irritation, but also contain signature ingredients that enhance the sensation of relief and give a “kick” to tired eyes.
Rohto Z eye drops comes in a hip, slim, portable (travel-friendly) bottle that features a specially-designed nozzle that helps prevent contamination.

Rohto Z! Eye Drops claims to heal:
Conjunctival congestion, eye itching, eyestrain, prevention of eye diseases (after swimming or due to dust or sweat), discomfort while wearing hard contact lenses, eye inflammation (e.g., snow blindness) due to ultraviolet light and other light rays, blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), blurred vision (in case of excessive eye mucus)

How to use:
Put 2 or 3 drops in the affected eyes up to 6 times daily.

Mentioned ingredients:
0.05% hydrochloric acid tetrahydrozoline, 0.005% sulfate Neosuchiguminmechiru, 0.2% allantoin ,Chlorpheniramine Maleate 0.03%, B6 0.1% vitamin, L-1% potassium aspartate
boric acid, borax, l-menthol, d-camphor, peppermint oil, peppermint oil, propylene glycol, edetate Na, hydrogenated castor oil Riokishiechiren Poland, Hipuromerosu, glucose, Kurorobutanoru, pH control agents

My Reviews:
I’m working in an environment that requires staring at a computer almost 99% of the time. This is the reason why my eyes always turns red due to breakage of blood vessels. Sometimes I also experience itchiness and blurry vision due to fatigue. I’ve tried almost all eye drops available in the local drugstore such as Visine, etc. but none of them really works. I’ve tried googling stuff and later discovered that Rohto Z Eyedrops is an effective eyedrop that can relieve redness and at the same time refreshes your eyes. 

At first, I was quite hesitant to try it out because some users mentioned that your eyes would feel burn and stingy on the first 10seconds but later subsides into refreshing cool sensation.
Despite the scary reviews, I still decided to try it out. The moment I received my order it took me like 15minutes to inhale and exhale before actually placing a drop of Rohto eyedrop into my eyes.

I was expecting for the stingy/burning feel as users mentioned but fortunately I did NOT felt anything; NO sting, no burn, none at all! After like 10 seconds, I could feel the minty feeling on my eyes;very refreshing and cool!! and the redness in my eyes have been reduced. I super loviit!! 

See before and after pic: 

In the before pic you could see some red veins but after placing a drop of Rohto Z it did help tame down the redness and my eyes felt so refreshing!

I would totally rate this 10 out of 10 because Rohto Z eyedrops really relieves my fatigue eyes and eliminate the redness of my eyes instantly! And I DID NOT experience any sting, burn, or any discomfort at all. 


  1. Cool! There are tons of eye drops for different purpose. So it's very lucky to find a right one for one self! Congrats!!!! I am happy for you! ;)


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