Ciracle Hauls + First Impression

Hellos! Today I wanted to introduce everyone to a Korean Skincare brand that has now landed in the Philippines. The brand that I am about to introduce to you is the brand CIRACLE. CIRACLE might already been well-known in countries like Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, however it is still  relatively new in the local market. But worries not, as I am going to share a quick background of this brand for you guys to be more familiar with.

CIRACLE suggests cosmetic science solutions, hence their skincare products have adopted prescription cosmetic (Rx-care) in more than 200 dematology as R&D capacity of CBRC.
Plus, Ciracle only uses global certified ingredients in order to ensure that all products are effective and safe to use. Basically, what Ciracle value the most is to deliver excellent results on product efficacy. Lastly, as their tagline; Miracle happens everyday, It’s Ciracle! ^_~

If you follow my blog you would know that I started this blog mainly to share my journey towards combating acne. I think 80% of my blog entries were acne-related; hence I made an independent page focusing mostly about acne related stuff which you could find HERE and HERE. This very much concludes why the products I’ll be sharing below were all geared toward combating acne.
*just click on the product to direct you to its link*
What it claims:
  • Helps to soothe acne and trouble spots plus promote skin recovery
  • Manager to clear acne and reduce future breakouts
  • Remove excess oil in the skin
First Impression:
  • Strong tea-tree scent and  easy to lather on skin
  • Non-Drying, but still able to minimize excessive oil on skin
  • Skin feels soft and smooth after wash
  • Able to heal tiny zits overnight! =)
What it claims:
  • Instantly revives Dull and Stressed Skin
  • Enhanced moisture and  add glow to skin
  • Helps skin refreshed, moist and smooth
First Impression:
  • No Definite scent, comes out in a blurry white liquidity gel
  • Does not feel sting or any discomfort upon application
  • Able to minimize redness of acne overnight
What it claims:
  • Reduces secretion of sebum for troubled skin
  • Soothes troubled skin
First Impression:
  • Runny liquid with a hint of Tea-Tree
  • Works like a toner
That’s it for my Ciracle Hauls!
I am already using these product now and will share a more detailed reviews soon ^_~
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