The Face Shop: Smart Capsule Color Control Cream Review

Hellos! Today I will review about a product I am truly madly, deeply in LOVE as it can make my DULL and ROUGH skin turned RADIANT instantly! It’s more of a Magic Cream for me rather than what they call a CC Cream~
The star product for today post is no other than the Face it: Smart Capsule Color Control Cream SPF40, PA++ :
What it claims:
  • Whipping cream texture covers the appearance of pores & fine lines with powdery finish
  • Smart Tone Technology : yellow & black & red pigments of Smart Capsule changes the color from white to nude as they are blended together on the skin to find the most ideal complexion shade of your own.
  • Brightening + Anti-wrinkle + SPF  effect
  • Darkening-proof formula : makeup is maintained morning-fresh & bright throughout the day
My Reviews:
Consistency: Thick cream that might need extra effort on spreading in order to blend well on skin
Coverage: Low to Medium (buildable coverage)
Shade: 2 available color; Auto-corrects to own skintone
Scent: No Definite Scent
Oil-Control: Medium to High
Finish: Velvety Smooth
Efficacy: Able to provide radiant skin and healthy complexion
Lasting Power:  Medium to High
Suitability: All skin types (even sensitive)
Packaging: Pump Bottle
Price: USD22
Availability: Online shop and All Face Shop Retail Shop

What I loved about:
  • I loved that its basically an All-In-1 Foundation for me as I don’t need to apply any UV screens or primer as this basically is all I need
  • It last on my skin for 4-5 hours
  • Able to even out skintone
  • Provide  instant brightness and velvet smooth finish in just half pump
  • Did not encounter any discomfort or aggregate existing acne
 A Little bit OFF:
  • I don’t quite like the packaging as I think it is a bit bulky whereas I prefer a nozzle squeeze tube type container
  • Might need extra effort and time on spreading and blending before it auto-corrects to own skintone
Overall Reviews:
If I must compare this with TonyMoly Luminous Aura CC Cream, I would say I prefer this more as this feels a bit lighter and the oil-control is way better. Though both have the same finish and function the same, but this definitely has more coverage and the lasting power is much longer.

That’s it for my reviews on the Smart Capsule Color Control Cream~
Thanks for dropping by ^_~


  1. Wow! What a difference! I like auto correcting products as it takes some guess work out of the routine. Thanks for showing us the auto correct!

  2. Nice to know the oil control is good. Also the auto-correct and blending out with your own skin tone. WORTH IT <3

  3. I want to try this one. Do you know the difference between this and the pact one?

    1. hello nella, i think it differs on the coverage and the original color. i think the compact one has a more coverage and the initial color is in nude already unlike this one which is in white first. hope this helps ;)

  4. I was going to purchase this one but I chose the CC Aura Color Control Cream instead. I love how radiant your skin looks!

  5. First off - I love your new header!
    Secondly, this cc cream sounds amazing and your skin looks so clear and bright ^^

    1. awww, thank you for noticing ;) i am so intrigue with etude's cc too, the one you reviewed, i so want to get one too ;)

  6. This is an awesome product! Great and informative review! Thank you! :)

  7. i have the aura cc cream and i really like it, the coverage is great compare to other cc cream..
    I love your new photo on your header, Janet ;)

    1. awww, thank you for noticing rini, so sweet ;) i want to get the compact too ;)

  8. The packaging looks so unique! It is cool that it blends out really nicely, and it gives a nice light coverage :)

  9. It looks so orangey while blending o.o
    I like new header picture ^_^ How home your photos always looks so nice!!

  10. This seems like a pretty good CC cream- especially if it provides a little more coverage than others as I've read a lot of reviews saying CC creams don't have much coverage. Thanks for reviewing!

  11. yey you did the review! I have not yet get my hands on all this cc creams hype. but I think I have to try one soon! the finish looks great on your skin! thanks for the review, Janet ^^

  12. This is really a good product >.< I read a lot of good review about this product but the downside it is a lil bit pricey :(
    But the coverage is great for cc cream :D


  13. nice product, thanks for sharing this janet. aand very nice new header photo too! as always you look pretty in it :) take care!

    1. aww, thank you shayne, you are such a sweetie =)

  14. I really want try this CC Cream because now I fall in love with the CC Creams looks really natural and cute!
    But the cover is really nice to me!

  15. awesome review, I don't think I've seen a review on this particular cc cream yet, it looks great! I love how the colour actually adjusts to the skin tone rather than just changing to a beige colour like the tony moly one. nice that's it's lighter too, I'll be checking this out :)

  16. I'm intrigued! I tried the Tony Moly one and I feel like it covers nothing (well it does once I build it up but I don't like to build up my base makeup XD)

    PS: nice header! you look like a doll ^_^

    1. thank you Frances, its the power of photoshop~ lolz ^_~

  17. Wow, would love to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. Wasn't a big fan of Korean makeup because it doesn't usually suit my skin tone but this looks like it's worth a try. :)


  18. you are so pretty :)
    I've never tried any cc cream brands, I still read reviews from bloggers like you. but it seems seems cc cream is worth a try :)

  19. I love the new header darling!!! <3

  20. Thank you for sharing;) love your lovely smile!!!
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  21. Whoa, it looks so good. I love all the new skin makeup coming out from BB cream to CC cream. It makes getting the perfect skin that much easier. (:

  22. Your skin looks so lovely! I would love to try this CC cream.

  23. Hi , your skin looks very great with the CC Cream ^^.
    I havent try any CC Cream before and i am still looking the good one for my skin .

    Anyway thanks for the review :D


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  25. Hello, nice review
    I never tried this product before, but it seems nice..
    maybe i should try it too someday when I'm done with my bb cream :)
    thank u for reviewing

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  27. you always look pretty! :))
    check me out!,
    cece xx

  28. Great review!

    Hope you'll visit my blog too! :)

    Chamee from PIXELS AND TALES


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