TonyMoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack Review

Hellos! Today I wanted to share an AMAZING facial mask that helps my skin looking really bright and glowy =)
First off, let me tell you a few things about the TonyMoly Egg Pore Tightening Pack:
What it claims:
  • Contains egg white and camellia extracts
  •  Helps tighten and smoothen skin
  • Eliminate rough areas ad loosen pores
My Reviews:
Consistency: Clay/paste type that would dries up after 5-10 minutes
Scent: No definite smell
Color: Brown
Application: Dries up fast and easy to rinse off
Oil-Control: Able to eliminate excess oil
Finish: Skin feels super soft and smooth after rinse
Efficacy: Noticed minimize of huge pores
Price: USD11
Packaging: Cute egg-shaped with a lid separator inside

Availability: Various online and TonyMoly retail shops

What I love about:
  • Makes skin super duper smooth and soft in just one use
  • Noticed improvement on minimizing of pores
  • Able to heal rashes and tone down the redness of skin
  • Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or aggregate existing acnes
  • Easy rinse off with just water
 A bit “OFF”:
  • Skin might feel a tiny bit tight if left for more than 20 minutes (but does NOT dries skin up)
  • No spatula or applicator provided
 Overall Reviews:
I have tried quite a few paste-like masks such as the famous Julep, this is very different to Julep as this does not make your face stiff and hurt when dries up. In terms of effectiveness on having an egg-like skin(soft and smooth), TonyMoly definitely wins hands down on this. But if you prefer a mask that has the ability to dig deep and achieved a super squeaky clean effect then Julep would suits you more.
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  1. Your skin looks really nice after!
    I am currently loving the anti blackheads mask from the face shop, it is really good to fight against blackheads ;))
    The packaging of this one is so cute ,btw :)

  2. Oh this product looks really nice sweetie!
    Thanks for this review!
    Now I want try an egg fro Tonymoly!

  3. :) I will try this one thank you!

  4. Your skin looks so nice ! And your eyes looks so cute haha.. xD
    I want to try this egg pore too.. Hope I can buy it soon !
    Thanks for the review :)

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  5. Do you know where I can get Tonymoly products? Been so interested in their products lately because of all the hype!

    1. hello amanda, there are quite a few online sites who carries tonymoly product, you can check them out :)

  6. Your skin is amazeballs! How long would the jar last you? Can you tweet it to me? :) @manilawithlove <3

    1. hi cj, it depends on how often you use it, i use it twice a week and it lasted me a month long :)

  7. your skins look so nice!

    like your blog. what about following each other??..

  8. oh my gosh, i really need that right now! i can't believe how good it is. :) your skin looks flawless Janet! thanks for the review, i'll add it to my long list of TonyMoly products that I want to try out, hehe.

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO
    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  9. This looks like a lot of fun to use. Very cute packaging too!


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