Mini Asian Beauty Hauls (Face Shop and Daiso)~

Hellos! It’s been awhile I roam around the mall as I find online shopping much convenient and I prefer staying at home most of the time (正宗宅女in the house! Lolz~)

I did not plan to get anything at all but as I walked out Daiso and The Face Shop, I just saw that I have a bag of  purchase already >_< (maybe I was hypnotized when I entered the shop, lolz?)
Here are the items I hauled after roaming just 1 hour around the mall:
1) The Face Shop: Oil Specialist Fresh Cleansing Oil   
   What it claims:
  • Removes black heads and dead skin cells clearly
  • Contains Cherry Blossom Extract and Natural Vegetable Oil
First Impression:
  • The packaging is in pink; so cute and recently I am addicted to cleansing oil so I decided to get this =)
2) The Face Shop: Face it! Smart Capsule CC Cream
What it claims:
  • Contains smart capsule blended with yellow, red and black
  • Color-Control Cream that has the ability to adjust to own skintone
  • Triple functions such as Wrinkle/UV Block and Whitening
First Impression:
  • I loved it as it adjusted to own skin tone in just seconds!
  • It provides skin an instant brightness and radiant~
  • Definitely a Loved at First Try ^_~
  • I’ll definitely make a separate post for this cc cream review soon ~
3) Daiso- Purple EyeShadow Palette
First Impression:
  • I don’t have any purple eyeshadow so decided to grab one
  • Pigmentation is ok but not fantastic
  • Pretty much get what you pay for (a dollar)
4) Daiso- Eyebrow Pencil
First Impression:
  • I bought the brown one thinking this would match my brown colored hair but it appears to be more of a dark brown
Created a look using the Daiso purple palette ^_~
That’s it for my Mini Asian Beauty Hauls ^_~


  1. Hey I was wondering where you buy Korean stuff online? :) Looking for an affordable shop. <3 thanks :)

  2. I really want to cleansing oil! Tell me how it really is later~ :D

  3. Haha, I think I get hypnotised when I walk into the shops too! I'm looking forward to the cc cream review ^^

  4. I already read and watched some reviews on this CC cream and everyone sayed they like it! :D

  5. nice haul!!! I am excited to see the cc cream review!!
    I like the eye make up you created using the purple palette, I wouldn't guess that the palette is only 1 dollar ^^

  6. Oh, can you review the cleansing oil, please? o: I've been looking for a good cleansing oil for a while now, and I love The Face Shop~ *A*

    I've also heard a lot about the CC cream! :'D

  7. I picked up some skincare from them recently! And was so tempted to try an oil, I probably will go back for one to try! Do review the cc cream!

  8. I wanna try that cleanser! ^_^


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