Quick Random Hauls and Reviews: Mario Badescu, Aqua Cure Gel, Kanebo

Just wanna provide you with some quick & short reviews plus some hauls last week:

1)      Natural Aqua CURE Gel- bought it on an online shop

About Aqua Cure: Japan’s best selling facial exfoliant with 1 bottle sold every 12 seconds! A Safe and Gentle exfoliation gel that is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin! Cure regularizes your skin turnover by gentle peeling, removing dead skin and necessary proteins, making your skin smoother, brighter and softer.

Tried and Tested: I’ve tried exfloliating my skin way back years ago but my skin always turns reddish and blotchy after, since then I never exfoliate my skin again. Until I heard about the rave of this Cure Gel that claims to remove dead skin very gently without causing reddish or serious reactions. You can read more about CURE here.

Once I received this bottle, I immediately tried and fell for it. I love how gentle Cure works on my skin, I didn’t develop any redddish nor slight stingly none at all. After using Cure in just one application, my skin is smoother, softer, cleaner and more radiant looking.

Rate: 9/10
Would you buy again? A Definite YES!

2)      Mario Badescu- Special Cucumber Lotion
About Special Cucumber Lotion: Refreshing, disinfecting and deep cleaning astringent that is effective in drying up existing acne blemishes while preventing new eruptions

Tried and Tested: Oooh I love this toner as it really help/improve dry up my acnes plus preventing them from exploding. It has a sulfur and soothing cucumber based that is why it is NON-DRYING and NON-IRRITATING at all.

Rate: 8/10
Would you buy again? YES!

3)      Mario Badescy- Oil Free Moisturizer SPF30
About MB-Oil Free Moisturizer SPF30- supplies anti-aging protection in our newest lightweight, easily absorbed, daily moisturizer. Non-pore clogging, paraben-free formula provides UVA and UVB protection and the necessary defense against sun damage and acne scarring. Moisture locking Aloe Vera hydrates and softens skin while St. John’s Wort offers soothing and reparative benefits for delicate skin. Re

Tried & Tested: I don’t know about this, its not lightweight at all, the consistency is quite thick and heavy.; maybe because of the SPF30? It does softens my skin though. I think I’ll have to use it longer to see if it really does what it claims to.

Rate: 6/10 (as of now)
Will buy again? No (as of now)

4)      Mario Badescu’s- Whitening Mask
will help brighten uneven skin tones and gently minimize the look of old acne scars and discolorations from the sun.

Haven’t tried it yet, will review soon~

5)      KANEBO- Tiffa Lip Gloss
-Nude glossy lip gloss

I love the color of this lip gloss, nudy beige shade plus a mint of glossyness.

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  1. Aww you really love MB products!! >< I've tried the ones that you gave me and I also fell in love with them! Especially to the Drying Cream, it's really effective! I'm still thinking about purchasing them actually. They're quite pricey for me. Haha~ And whoa, that cure exfoliating thingy is really interesting..


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