Morocco Argan Oil: Wonders for my SKIN & HAIR

As I mentioned in my previous hauls HERE, I got myself a Body & Thairapy Morocco Argan Oil which claims to works wonder! And it actually DID! Wuhoo~

First off, let’s start with the all abouts of Morocco Argan Oil:
·         All in one treatment for hair, face and body
·         A Golden oil that works wonder and is not greasy or sticky
·         Helps clear skin: acne, scars, pimples, rosacea and prevents wrinkles
·         Treats dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Fights Hair Loss
·         Provide suppleness and evens skintone

What I encountered after using it on my SKIN (Face and Body):
·         It is in oil consistency wherein you immediate feel the moisture once you massage it 
·         Does NOT feel greasy nor sticky (it is Dry Oil)
·         Absorbed quickly to skin
(above photos after 2 weeks of usage)
·         Helps heal inflame acne, cystic acne, scars quite effectively
·         Able to minimize enlarged pores and redness of skin
·         Provides enough moisture to skin without making skin oily
·         I have oily combination skin and it does NOT make my skin greasy or produce more oil
·         Did NOT experience any discomfort while using this (FYI: I have sensitive skin)

What I encountered after using it on my Hair:
·         Makes hair more shiny and manageable
·         Able to minimized tangled and frizzy hair
·         Notice that hair is more soft and smooth

How I use it:
For Hair: After Shower, when hair is a bit damp, apply it all over
For Face: After Cleansing and Toning, Apply a few pumps on the face and massage gently until it is fully absorbed

Overall review on Morocco Argan Oil:
·         At first, I was quite skeptical on actually trying this out, because I was bit allergic to the word “oil”. I always thought that any types of “oil” will make my skin greasy and shiny. But boy I was super WRONG!!!! Even though I have oily combination skin, it does NOT make my face oilier
·         I absolutely love this on my face as it helps heal my existing acne and for my hair it keeps my hair stay soft & smooth
·         This definitely works MIRACLE on both my FACE and HAIR!!
·         I would definitely recommend this to anyone as it works amazing on me~
Body & Thairapy Morocco Argain Oil is priced at PHP1,450 and is available in all Rustans branches.

Have you tried any Morocco or Argan oil and what are your thoughts?


  1. oh wow, i've been reading this stuff everywhere lately, but you just convinced me!
    i am going to get a bottle of this today. ;)
    thanks for your reviews.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Wow the results look amazing on you, glad it worked on you :) It's great that it isn't greasy either, and love how it is multipurpose. Definitely will have a look into this oil :)

  3. your hair look better <3

    - A.

  4. wow it looks amazing!! i dont know how i can get this morocco argan oil in germany, but I'll try ebay!
    I need it the most for my hair, because I have split ends T__T
    great review,as always!

  5. Those before and after pictures have me SOLD! The results are incredible!!! I got to try this for myself now...
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. That's amazing! I love products that works for more than one use :)

  7. Ang galing nung product.. I heard a lot of things bout Moroccan oil na! Thank you!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I love the Kate BB Gel Cream! Coverage is sooo good! Love your blog too! The Morocco Argan Oil looks really amazing. Btw you look very cute!

    Visit me @ Mimika's Little Wonderland

  9. thanks for sharing, would like that for my hair. :)

    anyway, love ur blog. so I just followed u,
    mind to follow each other? :)


  10. I'm a fan of Argan oil, too - works really well as an extra moisturizer for me in the winter :) Haven't tried it on hair yet, though!

  11. WOW, seems like that stuff really works!



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  12. Have heard so much about the oil's miracles. Great to see that's true. :)

  13. Your hair looks so lucious (sp?) in that pic! Nice review!

  14. I'm so tempted! The difference to your skin and hair is amazing! I really want something to help smooth my hair, so I think I should definitely track this down now ^^

  15. For the longest time I was avoiding the argan oil trend, but I bought some and it worked so well for my hair too! I wanna try it on my skin (especially since you got pretty good results!), so I'm glad to hear it's available in Rustans.


  16. Hi Girl! :)
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    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
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    Much Love!

  17. Wow, I can really see the difference it's made! I'm using Josie Maran's argan oil and I really like it - though I only use 2 drops mixed in with my moisturiser. I really want to get a bigger bottle so I can experiment more liberally with applying it directly to my face and/or body and hair.

  18. I've heard about this product for hair, but I haven't seen it used on skin. What a big difference!

  19. I have heard about this
    magical Morocco oil! I'm
    glad it works well on you c:
    The skin condition has been


  20. wow, i love the before and after photos!! it works so amazing, can't wait to purchase the full size :) thanks for sharing Janet, your posts are always so helpful and informative <3

  21. Great review. Argan Oil is so popular right now...but OMG at how well it healed your acnes/pimples...I use an argan oil treatment for my hair too..and it just makes my hair so so silky and smooth.
    and OMG at the fact that u couldnt buy allergy pill because it was so late at night...I would've cried like a baby...but it wasnt just my face either, it was from my scalp to my ankle.

  22. No i havent tried it but after reading your post, I want to try it so much!

  23. Hi sis! It's a bit expensive but seeing it does wonders to you makes me want to try it too! :>

  24. Wow this product looks great! I've got a few acne scaring around my face due to exam stress and if's feeling super conscious about the scarring now. -.-" It's slowly going away but I wanna speed it up! This product seems very interesting and I'm gonna look for them around the pharmacy!

    Thanks for the review!

    ♡ M.May

  25. where can i buy it ?

    - kim

    1. Hi kim, morocco argan oil is available in all rustans ;)

  26. how do i apply this product on my face ?

    - myths

    1. @myths; pump one to two drops and warm in using your hands then place your hands slowly from your forehead and massage downwards :)

  27. You look like flawless naman girl! Di halata ang acnes. Sometimes nakaka-inis when you still get pimple despite a good skin care regimen. I'm still on the look out for the perfect products until now.

    1. nakatago lang sa makapal na foundation sis. >_<~ uu nga eh kakainis yun acne pabalik balik..hayz ~

  28. what a tempting blog..Good work!! I just bought argan oil of purad'or and its working and meeting all expectations. Love this gift of nature...will never leave this argan oil

  29. Moroccan oil is famous in skin care and hair care, but it is an excellent addition to cooking. Pure argan oil has many health benefits including a high vitamin E content and a variety of essential fatty acids. It is traditionally used in the cuisine of the indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco, and they also know about its health-giving and medicinal properties.Argan oil health benefits


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