Hellos! Today I wanted to review a product that I am loving and I’m sure you will love it too as this product is suitable for any skin type. I have been using my standard skincare products for quite a while and it’s so nice to know that a new member will now be added to my skincare family ^_~
The STAR product that I will be talking about today is RESKIN SOLUTION: HYDRA FACIAL CREAM. Just a quick overview of the brand RESKIN, it is a brand from KOREA and formulated European styled using only highly dignified organic ingredients. RESKIN’s top priority will always be client comfort and safety. For more information on RESKIN, click HERE.

RESKIN SOLUTION HYDRA FACIAL CREAM              Size/Price: 50g / USD 67 
What it claims:
  • Able to whitens and provide moisturizing effect
  • Oil-Free and creates barrier to protect skin
  • Provides hydration that helps keep skin stays glowy
  • KFDA approved (Korea Food & Drug Administration)
  • Apply evenly on face and neck then spread gently
 My Reviews:
Consistency: It comes in a thick-lard type consistency that is NOT oily or greasy
Scent: No specific smell
Appearance: Light/Aqua Blue
Application: cream turn into tiny water drops upon blending and absorbed quickly to skin (just seconds!)
Suitability: All skin types; I have sensitive oily-combination skin and it works great on me
Price: As stated on the website USD 67 (mad expensive)
Packaging: Jar bottle with a lid separator
Availability: Selected Sephora outlets and Various online shops

(My Skin condition: Acne-Prone, Sensitive, Oily-Combination)
 What I Loved:
  • Not greasy, not-oily; it basically turns into tiny water drops upon application and quickly absorbed around 2-3 seconds into skin
  • Skin felt super hydrated and calm after application
  • Reduces sensitivity and redness on skin
  • It gives skin a healthy natural glow
  • Can be used as makeup base as it gives a smoother surface when applying makeup
  • Does NOT trigger excessive oil since it is water-based
  • Does NOT aggregate or affect existing acne
  • Did NOT encounter any discomfort while using this product
 Needs a bit Improvement:
  • Packaging is heavy and bulky
  • No spatula included, which means you need to dig down which might lead to bacteria
  • Expensive and not locally available
 Important points on what it ACTUALLY DID on my SKIN:
  • Reduces REDNESS
  • Minimizes large pores
  • Balances sensitivity
  • Provide skin a healthy glow
  • Hydrates my skin
  • Skin becomes more smooth and soft

Overall Reviews:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this facial cream and I have to say this is by FAR the BEST facial cream I have ever tried. The mixture is pretty amazing and magical for me as it makes a lard type consistency turns into water drop immediately once it touches skin. I also think it does a good job on healing redness (especially to freshly pick acnes) and calming my “complicated” skin condition. This cream can be used in all season but I think it would work at its maximum during Spring and Summer season. Even though you are super oily this will still be suitable for you as it HYDRATES your skin and NOT add oil to your skin.
Recommend and Suggestion:
YES YES and YES!! That concludes for a THREE YES as it works super duper great on my skin plus my mom’s skin! My mom has extremely sensitive dry skin and her skin loves it too! You can check out your nearest Sephora for this or click its website for more information on where to purchase HERE.
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 Thanks again for dropping by ^_~


  1. Seems like a very good product, eh? Sticky ba sya upon and after application? Excited na tuloy ako matry yung sakin. :) I'll get my package tomorrow na! ^o^

    1. hello sis, not sticky at all! im sure magugustuhan mu din for sure ^_~ can't wait for your reviews din! =)

  2. This cream looks fantastic! I really want to try it now - the texture looks really suitable for dry skin~
    Thanks for the review Janet ^^

  3. This product looks amazing!!! It made your skin look so good, almost like you had light makeup on when you were using it by itself.


  4. this sounds amazing! I hope they will work for my skin as well ^^
    but reskin is so difficult to get in Germany, only from ebay I believe T.T

    btw I like your lipstick you wear in the picture! lovely color <3

  5. Omg! I want to try this out pero walang ganito sa amin! :( I waaant! Haha!

  6. Oh wow this product looks really gorgeus maybe I try this brand is really new to me many thanks for share Janet!


  7. wow i can see that that's a really good product!
    but the price is quite expensive :(

  8. oh my what a great product! I must try this! *o*

  9. Nice product, surely I will try this for myself.


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