Avon Skingoodness BB Cream Review

Hellos! Today I would like to review a BB cream from AVON. I haven’t tried ANY products from AVON before so I am quite excited that I get to try my first AVON product!~ My skin HATES most BB cream so I am hoping that my skin could at least cooperate and show some love to AVON’s skingoodness BB cream *cross-fingers*.
AVON: Skingoodness BB cream in Shade B02 (nude)      Price: PHP279 / USD 6
What it claims:
l         Blends seamlessly into skin revealing a healthy and refreshed look
l         Formulated with moisturizing essence and Vitamin Complex
l         Helps protect skin from harmful environment
l         Revitalize skin to look healthy and moisturized
l         SPF20/PA++/Dermatologist tested/ Suitable for sensitive skin

My Reviews:
Consistency: thick creamy consistency that is quite easy to blend on skin
Shade: Available in 2 Shade (Light Beige and Nude) I got Nude
Oil Control: stayed oil-free for 2-3 hours but product started to melt after 4-5 hours
Coverage: Low to Medium (able to even out skintone and conceal some light scar)
Finish: Matte Velvet
Long-Lasting: Low to Medium (it started to melt after 3-4 hours)
Suitability: It is said to be suitable for sensitive but ingredients contains Dimethicone!
Packaging: Handy squeeze tube
Price & Size: PHP279 / USD 6 and 18 grams
Availability: Avon resellers only

What I loved about it:
l         It blends well on my skin and was able to conceal some light scars nicely
l         Despite having dimethicone, it did not aggreagate my acnes or had I experience any irritation
l         Skin felt hydrated but does NOT feel greasy
l         Minimal white cast on flash photography

A bit OFF my taste:
l         After application, skin feels a bit sticky but after topping it off with a powder it won’t be a problem
l         Coverage is not sufficient for me; was NOT able to conceal redness thoroughly
l         Sinks on fine lines

OverAll Review:
l         This BB cream is ok but I really would NOT buy again as it really didn’t give me any WOW effects.
l         It does do its job on moisturizing but a lot of BB cream can pretty much provide the same function
l         I would really NOT recommend nor suggest this as there are still plenty of BBs out there that could easily outdo this BB.
Thanks for dropping by ^_~
I 've been wanting to try CC cream, any recommendation please! ^_~


  1. It's pretty cool how it can blur up the lines on your fingers. :D Too bad coverage isn't that good!
    I've been wanting to try a CC cream too ahhh~

  2. wow how it sinks to finger lines is impressive!
    I like how it looks on your skin though, but you're right, because there're simply too many BB Creams out there that sometimes it's difficult to find a BB Cream that totally stands out of the crowd. ^^ good review!!!

  3. Hi I tried the Etude House Glow CC cream I love using it but it does not give a lot of coverage. You can use it as a base or just put concealer after. You can also try banila co,hera or the face shop cc cream. They are really good :)

  4. you are very detail :D
    the packaging looks so golden and high class LOL

  5. Wow Avon has BB Cream narin! I'm a huge fan of BB Creams. Thanks for sharing this! :) Since you're not that much happy with this product, I won't be buying it :D

  6. I didn't know that Avon had realised a BB cream, haha I guess every brand is making one though! Shame that this sinks into the fine lines though :(

  7. Woah~ Looks really nice! o: I didn't know Avon had a bb cream. It's a shame that it sinks into fine lines though. =/

    I've been wanting to try out CC creams too! :'D I'm still researching into them (my mom has a CC cream from Fuu? It's a Korean brand, I think. *A* ). Let me know when you find some good CC creams! :'D

  8. Nice review! too bad it sinks in fine lines, most likely it's going to accentuate dry spots too. It's looks really nice on you in the photos. :)

  9. Such a shame that it wasn't that impressive! But either way your skin looks so flawless! x

  10. thanks for the review! I'm always looking for more bb creams hehe but too bad this cream wasn't so great I'll avoid haha

  11. you look lovely!
    i want to try Amore Hera CC cream. i heard many good things about it. will update when i get my hands on it. ;)

  12. Gorgeous Janet! Look pretty! ^^
    Great review!

  13. Hi, nice review
    I never tried avon before.
    The finish looks nice on u

  14. I also did a review on this bb cream;


    The main thing that bugged me was its staying power and that it went shiny. If like to try some more bb creams as this was also my first but you never know till you try I guess!



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