Dermalogica Reviews: UltraCalming Cleanser, Barrier Repair, Treatment Foundation, UC-Relief Masque, UC-Serum Concentrate

For those who are not that familiar with the brand “Dermalogica”.  Basically, the name says it all “Dermalogica”- developed by The International Dermal Institute. Just to give you a quick overview on this brand, “Dermalogica” is a brand from USA, thus all products are manufactured in the US. According to its website, they are the number one choice of skin care professionals worldwide, prescribed more often than any other product available. If you want to know more about the brand Dermalogica, click here.

My skin is totally fine upon using Mario Badescu, but I dunno what went into my mind when I pass by Rustan’s and saw the stall of Dermalogica. I was attracted by the simple yet classy packaging and their rack contains huge range of product to choose from.

So I divulge into purchasing some of their products and here are the products I’ve bought and tested for a couple of days.

Ultra-Calming Cleanser is a gentle cleansing gel/cream that can either be rinsed off or gently removed with tissue or The Sponge Cloth. Helps combat skin sensitivity caused by exposure to pollution, harsh climate, stress, hormonal imbalance, irritating cosmetic products and other environmental influences. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

My Reviews:
Okay, I know I’m stupid. At first I just wanted to try their cleanser, so I’m looking for a smaller bottle. But since I couldn’t find one, I end up purchasing the huge pump one. And later found out that there a 2-3 sizes available but at that time it’s all billed up =(

Anyway, back to my review upon using this cleanser for prolly a week long:
The Likes:
1)      The consistency is not that runny nor creamy, adequate liquidity gel form(similar to Cetaphil’s texture) that has the ability to remove water proof make-up thoroughly. Yes, this is a GREAT alternative for make-up remover because it is gentle and safe to use on eyes and lips.
2)      The package is in dispense pump makes it very hygienic
3)      Your skin will feel clean but NOT tight, guaranteed no residues left on skin

The Dislikes:
1)      It’s pricey!!! I bought the bottle around PHP2450 (USD56!!) (Freakin’ overpriced)
2)      I dunno but my skin tends to get a little bit dry upon using this cleanser. I’m not sure if it’s because of the crazy weather or hormonal imbalance. But once I switched back to MB’s Kerotoplast Cleanser, my skin would be normal again.

Will you recommend it? No. Even though the name states “ULTRA” Calming, but I don’t think it has the calming effect on my skin. The effect is pretty similar with Physiogel or Cetaphil’s mild cleanser which is much more cheaper.

       My Rate: 5/10

2)      Barrier Repair


Barrier Repair is a unique anhydrous moisturizer that melts gently into sensitized skin to soothe and reinforce the protective barrier.

The name says it all; a barrier that serves as shield to those stuff we pile on our face and some harmful bacteria in our environment.
It’s very easy to use, after cleansing apply a small amount of Barrier Repair evenly on skin.

My Reviews:
It is somewhat similar or I might say also known as “Primer”. To make it a little different with Primer, it has added ingredients that claims that could soothes sensitive skin and repair skin condition. I’m using the Revlon Primer before and I absolute love it! Until I met this…I’ve switched =)

The Likes:
1)      Non-greasy, Non-oily and NOT heavy at all , super light clear gel that blends perfectly and absorbed through your skin
2)      Although the ingredients mentioned contains some types of oil (Primrose etc), but it is totally smooth and almost felt nothing on! (but there has!)
3)      Packaging is intact in a clear tube (makes it easier for you to know how much is remaining)
4)      Does NOT break me out; Suitable for all skin types especially on sensitive skin
5)      Makes it easy to apply foundation as it tends to soothes rough areas on your skin
6)      The tube is quite big (30ml) and you only need pea-size for the entire face; Would last very long.

The Dislikes:
1)      Quite expensive! I paid around PHP1,900 (USD44)

Compare with Revlon Primer:
So why buy pricey Barrier Repair if it’s almost similar with Revlon’s primer that only costs PHP800(USD18)?
----à Revlon’s might look or feel the same at first but if you must compare:
a)      Revlon’s a little bit oiler (you could feel a bit of baby oil soothing into you skin unlike Barrier Repair-none at all)
b)      I broke out while using Revlon’s Primer
c)       My skin tends to dry a little bit on Revlon’s Primer

Will you recommend it? Yes! Though it’s a bit pricey but at least it would last you pretty long

       My Rate: 8/10

Treatment Foundation is a lightweight, oil-free, water-based liquid make-up that provides flawless coverage while moisturizing and protecting skin.  It’s very easy to use, simply dot on each area of the face. Blend with provided application sponge or with fingertips.
Available in 8 Shades (click here for reference)

 My Reviews:
I’m using Maybelline’s Aqua Gel before, because it is water-based and doesn’t break me out plus the shade is just perfect for my skin tone. But, Dermalogica’s Treatment Foundation is not only a foundation but with added treatment!

The Likes:
1)      Not heavy nor runny liquid foundation. It is kinda like a liquidity powder type and once applied on skin it blends perfectly; Won’t look cakey.
2)      Able to conceal red spots (blotches), veins and some light scars. Very good coverage and even out skin tone.
3)      Ideal for all skin types especially to sensitive skin; does NOT break me out
4)      It controls oiliness of skin; the foundation won’t melt even if you are standing outside a temperature of 38-39 C the whole day! (tested & proven by none other than mehhh =)
5)      Does NOT clog pores

The Dislikes:
1)      Lack of Shades. Although they have 8 shades available, but when I got to Rustan’s the SA said that only Shade 1 is available as of the moment. Thus the reason of me getting Shade 1 instead of my suitable shade which is Shade 1G.
2)      Quite expensive, I paid around PHP1950(USD45). But could last you really long since you only need few dabs on these.

Will you recommend it? Yes! Though it might be a little pricey but I highly recommend this to those with sensitive skin as it helps protect and heal your skin.

       My Rate: 9/10

UltraCalming Relief Masque is a powerful, ultra-calming treatment masque enriched with Colloidal Oatmeal to soothe enraged skin and provide lasting relief from sensitized skin flare-ups, redness and rosacea.

My Reviews:
I didn’t bought this I was just given with pack of sachets to try so here what I felt after trying a 2-3 sachets.

The Likes:
1)      Immediate soothing effect upon application

The Dislikes:
1)      Very expensive; I’m not sure about the price but its more or less around PHP2,050 (USD48)
2)      It is NOT that easy to spread and blend on skin as the liquid is quite runny
3)      Doesn’t notice any improvement on the redness and flakey of skin

Will you recommend it? No,because it doesn’t do any good on my skin

       My Rate: 3/10

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate is an antidote for skin sensitivity: a super-concentrated serum that helps calm, restore and defend sensitized skin.

My Reviews:
I didn’t bought this I was just given with pack of sachets to try so here what I felt after trying a 2-3 sachets.

The Likes:
1)      None

The Dislikes:
2)      Very expensive; I’m not sure about the price but its more or less around PHP2,050 (USD48)
3)      It is NOT that easy to spread and blend on skin as the white liquid is quite runny
4)      Doesn’t notice any improvement on my skin

Will you recommend it? No,because it doesn’t do any good on my skin

       My Rate: 3/10

Basically it’s a Hit & Miss for the brand Dermalogica. For those who wanted to try this brand, I suggest to ask for samples first before buying the entire product or if you are really eager to try then buy the smallest size. The price range for Dermalogica is like twice expensive compared to Mario Badescu’s. But both brand has their own PROS and CONS, it’s just that you have to try samples first before divulging into it.

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  1. oh my, it is REALLY expensive...but just like what i sad, its ok as long they give good results...


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