Review: TonyMoly: Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Hellos! I am not a hand cream person because I am super lazy and I don’t like the greasy or sticky feeling on my hand. My mind has always been set that MOST hand creams are either sticky or greasy therefore I never really considered hand cream as a necessity. Good thing that TonyMoly totally help change my perception towards hand cream =)

TonyMoly: Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream                Size: 30g   Price: USD 7
What it claims:
  • Contains extract of peach and apricot which makes it a whitening product
  • Has the ability to provide anti-wrinkle prevention due to its adenosine ingredient
  • Provides sufficient nutrients, diminishes wrinkles and softness to hands
 My Reviews:
Consistency: Thick creamy texture that is easy to blend on skin
Color: Milky White
Scent: PEACH (EXACT Smell of REAL peach fruit, definitely not an artificial smell)
Packaging: Peach-like container with a lid top
Price: USD 7 (not that bad)
Suitability: All skin types
Availability: TonyMoly retail shop and various online shop

What I Love about it:
  • Even though the texture is thick but it is quickly absorbed to skin making skin feels so SOFT and SMOOTH instantly
  • NOT greasy or sticky at all
  • It smells exactly like a real peach!
A bit “oh-uh”:
  • Every time I apply this it makes me crave for peaches or something sweet! Lolz~
  • Even though packaging is mad cute but it looks more like a nipple rather than peach! Lolz ^_~ 
Overall Reviews:
Even though you don’t have dry hands, but I still recommend this hand cream as it really helps make your hands feel much much softer and smoother on every application.

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  1. i do really love this hand cream, Janet! Probably the best hand cream that i've ever tried ^^

  2. This sounds like it would smell so nice! It's awesome that this hand cream doesn't leave a sticky feeling either. Might purchase it one day since it's pretty affordable too!

  3. Hahaha, ako naman, ang una kong naisip, mukha syang cystic acne.

  4. The packaging for this hand cream is so cute, and it's amazing that it smells like peaches too! I like my L'Occitane and Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams though :)

  5. I'm always forgetting to apply a hand cream T.T

  6. LOL it does look like a boob if you think about it XD
    I've wanted to try this ever since I saw it! It's patiently waiting on my to try list once I'm done with my current hand cream.
    Thanks for the review! :)

  7. I saw this when I was in Hong Kong ! It was awesome :) Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog! I am following

    Cherry ~~

  8. Hahah what a cute product! Tony moly always have cute packaging. :D

  9. So cute! That's great it also works too :)

  10. Ang cute ng packaging!

    Hahaha. Thanks sa greeting. Yes, I posted those on fb.. well not everything, i post more frequently sa instagram. You instagram din ba?

  11. This is my favorite product :) I love the aroma of peach and this product works well on my hands

  12. I hate it when hand creams leave a sticky/greasy residue on the skin too. This Tony Moly hand cream seems really nice. The packaging is so cute ^-^


  13. I have been trying out various hand creams as well. Have bought something from Saizen and I fell in love with the scent and how cute it was. The packaging of this particular hand cream's too cute to resist! Hahaha! :)


  14. that sounds like a product that I'd want to try =]


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