Review: Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup BaseSPF15 PA+

Tony Moly Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup BaseSPF15 PA+
 Price:USD20                  Size: 30ML

What is Tony Moly’s Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup Base?
·         a lightweight makeup base that covers blemish, pores and wrinkles with its light diffusion principle so that the skin looks soft and silky.
·         jewerly complex composed of Pearl, amethyst, tourmaline and diamond particles also provide shimmer and brilliance to skin.
·         Oligo mineral complex, which boosts the skin's defense mechanism, provides a protection layer on skin against daily stress and relaxes the skin further so that the skin stays soft and calm.
·         Herb extracts such as Rosemary and Lemon balm extracts add full hydration to skin without irritation.

How to Use?
Apply this product with finger from center to edge of the face lightly before apply foundation.

My Review:
I’m in search of a green concealer or makeup base in green color in order to effectively conceal the “red patches” around my cheeks and chin areas. I already bought the Corrective wheel from Lulu Make-up (will post the review soon) which is really GREAT!! Makes it even fab when I used it together with Tony Moly’s Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup Base! The “red patches” are hardly noticeable even without any foundation! Just the concealer and primer= No more red patches =)

What I L-O-V-E about this:
·         Its Mineral= good for your skin (I think!)
·         Very nice sleek packaging in dispense pump=very hygienic
·         Love the mild scent (can’t explain, pretty sweet smell)
·         A small pump is enough to cover the entire face= a little goes a long way
·         Shade is in light green= able to conceal redness without showing too much “GREEN”. When blended redness+light green= Beige (close to skin color!)
·         Consistency is uber light, felt nothing on skin
·         Once applied, makes skin zuper soft and smooth= makes it so easy to top it off with foundation

 A little bit “Uh-Oh”:
·         Might be a little expensive
·         Only available in Tony Moly’s shop
·         For Sensitive skin(personal experience)= experience itchiness upon application but would go away after a few seconds
·         For Dry skin (mom’s experience)= experience dryness of skin

Buy Again & Recommend? Double Yes!!!!!


  1. thanks for the great review i will try it too..
    by the way i subscribe to your channel mind if you subscribe back and join my secondgiveaway thanks..

  2. @ashley: Thanks for inviting me..I'll definitely join...followed you too..=)

  3. woahhhh it seems so goood! I use MissHa Perfect Cover BB cream, but it feels like barely has much effect on my face LOL oh well

  4. great review :D

    i usually use BB cream, thicken the area where my red spots are huhu im frustrated! i have these spots for a month //wrist

  5. I've been wanting to try this makeup base~ I have some redness around the nose that I would like to conceal. Most of my makeup base don't seem to have concealing qualities so this would be great. Thanks for the review hun!


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