BNTNEWS Beauty Package + Win BigBang Autograph ALBUM

Hellos! Today I wanted to share a lovely package sent by the BNTNEWS Team in Korea (**special shoutout to Joy**). I have already introduced you to BNTNEWS previously which you can find HERE.
Basically BNTNEWS provides the most updated K-Trends happening around Korea. They practically covered everything ranging from KPOP, K-FASHION, K-BEAUTY etc. In-short BNTNEWS basically serve you the latest Korean Trends in languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese etc just so every single one of you can be updated even though you don't speak Korean and are located in the other side of the globe. ^_~ 

Now onto the items that BNTNEWS generously sent for me to try it out =)
(Simply click on the product name to know more about it)
What it claims:
l         Helps calm sensitive skin and replenishes tired skin with moisture
l         Contains Sebum-control and astringent properties
l         Leaves skin clean and rejuvenated

Initial Thoughts:
l         The first time I heard about this brand is from BNTNEWS then later I saw Pam review their Solution BB Sun and that is the time I was informed that RESKIN is available in Sephora already.
l         Reskin basically is a European styled organic skincare cosmetics and by merely judging at the packaging it reminds me of DERMALOGICA (which used to be my favorite brand before) and MURAD type of products (yes, high-end products!!)
l         I am really giddy on trying out this Mist as it is said to help calm sensitive skin and at the same time has the ability to control sebum (that’s just what I need!!)
l         Want to know more about the brand RESKIN, Click HERE

What it claims:
l         Able to provide whitening and moisturizing effect
l         Oil-free and creates skin barrier to protect skin
l         Helps keep skin hydrated

Initial Thoughts:
l         This Facial cream reminds me of DERMALOGICA: BARRIER REPAIR, but the only difference would be RESKIN provides an additional whitening whereas DERMALOGICA only provides hydration and moisture
l         The packaging kind of resembles MURAD: WHITE BRILLIANCE RANGE and it looks super CLASSY and HIGH-END~
l         I’ve tried scooping a tiny amount on hand and I must say “OHMYGAWD” this is by far the lightest and QUICKEST ABSORBED cream I have ever tried!!! ( I am kinda predicting that this will be included on my HolyGrail  skincare product soon~~~)
l         If you are so keen to know more about the brand RESKIN and its product, Click HERE

What it claims:
l         Makes lips soft and moisturized
l         Contains a Built-In alarm that can serve as your protection

Initial Thoughts:
l         I won’t need to introduce TONYMOLY as you guys are all pretty aware of them~
l         This Lip Balm is so unique because it can also act as a “weapon”/ “protector” that has the ability to produce SUPER LOUD ALARM that could help you in times of trouble
l         I was quite amazed on how such tiny product could produced such LOUD sound!!
l         Kudos to the Product and Development Team on combining beauty and self-protector in one!!
l         If you would like to know more about this product, click HERE

What it claims:
l         Contains Shea-Butter, Apricot Extract and Peach Extract ingredients which helps improves skin elasticity
l         Helps whitens, soothen and moisturize skin

Initial Thoughts:
l         The packaging was overloaded cuteness!! (except that my mom thought it’s a nipple :\ , she even ask me if its for lightening nipple* T__T**sheesh moms (-__-)”
l         The scent smells EXACTLY like peach!! Oh gawd, it makes me crave peaches now!!!

Now onto the most exciting part, BIG BANG AUTOGRAPH ALBUM!!!! Yes, you read it right!! And please *don’t faint* yet as BNTNEWS will be giving away BIG BANG’s LATEST AUTOGRAPH ALBUM!!!!!
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Fantastic Baby!! Lolz =)
Thank you so much for dropping by~
I'll be reviewing them individually so stay tuned ^_~


  1. OMG! Buti ka pa nakuha mo na yung sayo. Na-hold ba to in customs?

    1. Hi sis, uu for custom inspection but luckily I didn't paid that much high taxes ^_~ Hindi mu pa ba nakuha sayo?

    2. Oo hindi pa eh. Inabot ba ng thousand yung tax mo?

  2. Oh sweetie really gorgeus products! Are are really cute and gorgeus!
    Really cute the package of TONYMOLY handcream.

  3. Awesome products! I've heard great things about that mist and the Tony Moly hand cream. c:
    Cute selfie as well~
    Thanks for sharing the giveaway! :'D

  4. oooh thanks for the little hint for my blog there! hihi ^^
    I am not familiar with the brand even after trying the BB Sun which sadly didn't work for me. T.T
    But the skin care you mentioned here looks interesting!! I always love skin care :D
    and the Tony Moly products are cute! I love the brand, because the products are nice and also affordable ^^

    1. Good thing their skincare is quite nice! ^_~

  5. Great products especially the Help Me Lip Balm - it's useful for all girls :)

    1. I know right~ quite a nice invention ^_~

  6. Oooooo these products look so amazing *o* especially the "nipple" LOL!!! I thought it was a nipple at first too hahahaha~

    1. lolz! actually its not only my mom who thought its a nipple, some of my friends thought it is nipple cream which makes me so *shy* to use it on public...So everything I am opening the hand cream and someone look at me with "that" look, I would always say its a PEACH, PEACH okay PEACH!!*defensive* lolz ^_~

  7. hihi the packaging of tony's peach is soooo adorable!!! <3


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