You thought it’s just a rash but it might be an Eczema!

I have Eczema and what makes it weird is I have oily skin yet I develop Eczema every now and then. I always assume that only dry skin individuals are prone to developing Eczema but I guess I was WRONG.

First and foremost let me state what is Eczema:
·         Eczema has been called “the itch that rashes” because itching usually occur first
·         The appearance of an Eczema is scaly, leathery patches and if scratched it can progress by becoming red, swollen and develop bumps that leak fluid and crust over.

What are the possible Causes of Eczema:
·         Expose to Dirt & Dust, Molds, Harsh chemicals, High Alcohol content
·         Food Allergies
·         Sudden change of weather outbreak
·         Malfunction of Immune system

I didn’t realize all along the "rash" that appear frequently on the crease of my arm is indeed an Eczema. Every now and then, I would  develop a “rash” and it always appears on the crease of my arm (bending part). At first glance on the "rash", I didn’t notice any redness or change of skin texture but I could feel that it is extremely ITCHY and I would scratch it so hard that it would become so red and swollen. I didn’t pay much attention to it because it would normally go away after 3-4 days without applying anything at all. Come early this year, I realized that this frequent "rash" occur/attacks so coincidentally in the same part over and over again thus I decided to  do a research and find out what is this "rash" exactly and  what triggers this. After running over some derma articles, I therefore conclude that the frequent "rash" I have is indeed an ECZEMA.

Though I may not found the main culprit of my ECZEMA but there are already some factors I have taken for consideration such as changing the detergent of my clothes and other stuff that might be the cause of it. 
Oh by the way, I think I also found out the reason on why my ECZEMA just went away without me applying anything at all. I think the one that helps heal my ECZEMA is the “SOFT WHITE: Lulur Mandi Body Scrub” as the said ingredients were really  suitable for Eczema sufferer such as Olive Oil, Vit E and more.
Everytime I develop this "rash" attack (ECZEMA) I would use a Lulur Mandi Body Scrub because it helps calm my skin and at the same time also provide sufficient amount of hydration and moisture to my skin.
So that’s it for my Eczema experience and I am just so glad that I have a Lulur Mandi Scrub stock on my closet every now and then =)

If you want to see my previous reviews on Lulur Mandi Scrub Click HERE and HERE.

Have you guys experience Eczema attack? How did you deal with it?


  1. OMG this lulur mandi body scrub is made in indonesia isn't it? I remember I used to have this in my shower when I was in Indonesia.. My mom really likes it :D

    1. hi pam, yup its from Indonesia..i love it so so much ^_~

  2. i really have to get this one, i just ran out of lulur tea tree :) really great review

  3. I suffer from Eczema in the winter time when it's super cold. I hate the feeling but there are great alternatives to sooth the skin. This body scrub sounds so nourishing :D

  4. I use this if Asian Secrets ran out of stock. It's a great dupe :D

    1. I actually prefer this compared to Asian secrets...hehe..mas prefer ko yun scent nya..^_~

  5. i have eczema every once in a while on my neck and arms.. i can't stop scratching so the doctor prescribe me H-Cort cream. It helps!

  6. I suffer from eczema too but it's much milder these days for me but it does come back in the winter when my skin's really dry. My doctor prescribes me steroid creams which works! But this seems more natural ~

  7. Eczema is DA SUCK!!! I suffer from it especially during trips to the beach where I am exposed to saltwater (which I am allergic to) and direct sunlight, and when I travel to countries with cooler climate. Mine is a severe case and sometimes it can last for about a month!!! I absolutely hate it not only because it's horrendous to look at especially in large patches (which is usually the case with me) but it also itches like hell!!! The worst part is, the more you itch, the more it will worsen. It takes all the self control I have to not lay a single finger on my skin. Sometimes, I slap my skin when the itch is too much. I have a red patch on my left shin as proof of my ongoing battle with eczema. The next time I suffer from this, I'll try your advice. Hopefully, it will work with me as well. Thank you for this!!! :D

  8. I, too, suffer from some skin problems and I've been spending so much for skin products as we can't use just any. You're lucky you found one that works for you :)

    Daughter of Summer,

  9. wow, never thought that you use Indonesian product, Janet ^^
    Thanx for your post, now I know what is eczema.. I also have some skin allergy.. Hope you get well soon :)


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