Collective Hauls, Swatches + Reviews

Hellos! Just wanted to share some items I bought over some time but never had the time to post it here.
 Let’s start with Makeup products:
1)      ELF Studio Golden Bronzer
·   I forgot the exact price but this is less than PHP300 (around USD6)
·   This actually is my fourth palette because I lost the first one and the 2nd and 3rd I accidentally dropped it on the floor resulting to a damage and broken palette =(
·   It contains 4 shades and I get to use all four shades most of the time
·   Some people find it too shimmery, but not for me as I find the bronzer really prefect for contouring and the blush really great for a natural pinkish look!
·   I find this really multi-purpose as I use some of the shades for eyebrow shading and lining the eyes too
·   It is a bit sheer but I actually prefer sheer and subtle bronzer compared to overly pigmented shade because it gives you a much natural illusion
·   Been using this for more than a year and this is still my HG Bronzer ever

2)      ELF Brightening Eye Shadow #11006
·   I bought this at around PHP125 but I saw this only USD1 at ELF site
·   The is a pretty tiny palette but since all four shades are shimmery I think the amount provided is just adequate
·   All shades are really pretty especially for brightening purpose as they are quite glowy and sparkling
·   Ideal use for night events and parties ^_~

3)      ELF Eyeshadow compact in Natural #11012
·   This is around PHP275 but ELF website sold this for only USD3
·   Pigmentation is acceptable and it doesn’t appear chalky or had any fallout
·   Overall, loving this simple compact palette for everyday on-the-go

4)      Ever Bilena:  EXTREME Lipstick Pink -A- Boo
·   Shade is a bit sheer but its totally buildable and appears nicely on lips
·   Smells super sweet like a cotton candy and gives lips a dewy look

Now, onto Facial Cleansers:
1)      St. Ives: Moisturizing Olive Cleanser                              USD 6
·   Bought this and used it as my 1st step cleansing but it leaves my skin oily and does not really cleanses well enough
·   If you have oily combination skin, best to skip this as this would make skin more oily >_<

·   Lather well enough and cleanses skin thoroughly
·   Stings eyes
·   My skin reacted quite badly on this as it made my skin develop some rashes and cystic acne! (talk about having a certified organice ingredients!)

Moving on with Hair Care products: Shampoos
1)      PALMERS: Olive Oil Shampoo          USD 5.59
·   I have dry scalp and frizzy hair and I absolutely love how this shampoo makes my hair softer and smoother
·   I am quite diligent in choosing my shampoo because one of the reason why I broke out badly before is due to the harsh shampoo I am using. This shampoo is safe for acne-prone as it doesn’t trigger any breakouts while using this

2)      JASON: Fragrance Free Shampoo             USD 8.92
·   Comes in a transparent gel type consistency and doesn’t lather much
·   It makes my hair dry and tangled

3)      JASON: Dandruff Relief Shampoo                USD 10.87
·   Smells a bit strong similar to a minty scent
·   Comes in light green liquidity consistency and doesn’t lather much
·   Scalp will feel cool and fresh
·   My hair is not that itchy anymore and dandruff has been reduced (but still tend to have some)

Lastly, SkinCare Products:
1)      Vaseline: Lip Theraphy Petroleum Jelly          USD 1.66
·   Keeps my dry and cracked lip super moisturized and healthy looking
·   I also use this on my Eczema attack and it works super well as it helps heal my eczema

·   This was a sample size and was given to me by The Body Shop
·   I use this mainly on my Eczema attack and it works pretty ok but I prefer the Vaseline more as it provides more moisture
·   It did hurt a bit on my first application since my Eczema is all sore and swollen
·   It does help minimize the redness but the dryness on skin is still there

That’s all for the collective hauls and reviews! Any product you have tried above? Share your experience! ^_~


  1. Nice haul! Makes me want to haul too O.O

  2. The ELF items look like they do have a lot of fallout and very shimmery as well. I've been trying to move away from shimmer.

  3. I loove elf products. :D I've been watching that bronzer palette for awhile and now I really want it. 8D
    Ouch sorry to hear the Alba Botanica broke you out. >_< I'm going through cystic acne too ugh! Thanks for the warning!

    1. you should get the bronzer its super aMAAAAAzing ︿_~..hehe..

  4. Nice haul!!
    I have elf eye shadow and I think, for the price it's a good product. Too bad ELF is only super cheap in US, because here in Germany, the prices aren't that cheap :/

    1. the price here aren't as low as the ones in US but its still quite affordable compared to other I'm pretty ok with it ^_~

  5. oooh those eyeshadow colors are real pretty! i like the lip color a lot, too. ;)
    too bad the all natural shampoo didn't work too well. i think i know what you're saying. that's why i stick with poos and cons with tons of silicons. hahahaha :)
    i do have "almost all natural" shampoo that works for me. i'm planning on posting about it soon. ;)

    1. hi lena, totally agree with you!! I just don't understand why organic products doesn't work for me so I'll just stick with the chemicals one..LOLz..^_~

  6. Nice haul!I just did an e.l.f haul and I wish I got that bronzer.. :( e.l.f makeup is too addicting. i literally just made an order and I have a bunch of other products I want to try by them.

    1. super agree!! they are just so affordable that I want to try them all..lolz ^_~

  7. i have the same elf bronzer but i never use it.. i find it too shimmery and i dont like it for my super duper oily skin. hehe

    nice haul! :)
    i cant believe i just followed you now... ♥

  8. I have quite a bit of elf products which are unopened kekeke

    1. wahhh, why not give it to me instead so that I can open it..kekeke..jk^_~

  9. The elf shadows are looking so pretty for the season now haha!

  10. I love ELF's Butternut Quad, too! <3 The quality really surprised me, given that price is soo cheap. :)

    Following you <3

  11. I love how you kill two birds with one stone with these kind of posts! you should do a look with those shadows ^^

  12. i have that quad palette too! :) i think it's so handy and has nice color choices so i always carry it in my kikay kit ;)

    Dress Me Up Buttercup

  13. Oh I have the exact same ELF Brightening eyeshadow. I love that mini palette! I've finish the lightest shade and hit pan on the second lightest!

    The Body Shop: Aloe Soothing Day Cream looks really good. I've tried the mask as it's so hydrating :)

  14. amazing haul! those eye-shadows are sooo gorgeous!


  15. Those ELF palettes look amazing! And sososo affordable too. I'm not much of a bronzer girl, but I want that palette!

  16. Where did you get the Jason Dandruff Shampoo? Thank you.. :)

    1. hi Kat, bought mine at Healthy Options ^_~


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