Updated: AcneCare Product Spotlight +Giveaway CLOSED

If you are frequent reader of my blog, you would know that I’ve been fighting with acne for more than a decade; and still struggling on combating those nasty breakouts every now and then.

These incidents happens to me ALL the TIME: (REAL LIFE DRAMA!!)
Through the years, I have only been concerned on treating my acnes with creams and ointments until I was introduced to AcneCare.
What is AcneCare?
·         The first oral pill for acne in the Philippines that combines three potent skin medicine which brings you the ACNE3 Complex.
How Acne3 Complex Works:
1)  LACTOFERRIN – has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-allergic and even anti-cancer properties
2)  LINUMLIFE – controls sebum and oil on skin surface
3)  ZINC – repairs broken skin, controls premature aging and prevents breakouts on skin
These 3 KEY ingredients helps keep skin SMOOTH, SPOT-LESS and ACNE-FREE!
So what are you waiting? Add a Healthy dose of AcneCare to your diet and take advantage of the wonders that your own body can do for your skin.
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AcneCare  is kind enough to offer TWO bottles for you guys to try and experience a truly Healthy, Beautiful and Glowing skin!
There are only 2 MANDATORY FIELDS:


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Since I was not able to receive a reply from the original chosen winner, I have decided to choose a new one.


  1. i was just like laughing when reading that 9gag caricature xD

  2. i feel you girl~ i really do.. lol at the rage comics!

  3. haha the drawings are funny!

    I feel you sis. I have been battling with acne since I was 12 and I'm already 27! The best thing I've done to combat it was 10 sessions of derma rolling with DNA (collagen) serum plus a good skin care regimen. I rarely get huge cystic acne anymore and it's been 2 years since my last DR. I just get pimples here and there since I'm oily but that's it :)

    i hope your skin will get better with this too :)

  4. Wow, I love the idea of it, but I am suuuper sceptical about such "beauty" pills... they just look artificial and I've seen a lot of documentations where in the inside was only styropore or something >__<"" I do wish there would be a good pill against acne though because I'm suffering myself U__U"" BTW Loved the memes! :D

  5. haha that's EXACTLY how i feel when I pop them... THEY BECOMING BIGGER. and the scars take forever to heel!

  6. Hi Ms. Janet :) I have the same problem since my high school years, acne... Before, it was tolerable, few bumps on my chin and cheeks. And the facial wash I was using back then was kinda effective since those few bumps were gone after a day or two. Now, it's getting worse. Most of my friends noticed that I'm getting more acne nowadays and that's really depressing. I tried a lot of soaps and creams... but nothing worked. I hope this is the answer to my acne problems.

  7. will check this out. i've been breaking out lately. >.<

  8. Acne care sounds like a cool product! Glad it works on you! :) I don't have pimple problems but any acne care sounds like hope to get rid of nasty blackheads

  9. i hope i can win these freebies... DONE...lovin your blogsite so much....xoxo

  10. Thank you sis! And thanks to Acne Care too! I'm glad I won on this giveaway,I am having big break out now so this is just perfect for me. Thank you again!

  11. Replies
    1. I didn't try the entire bottle as I've only try it for 14 days and sadly I didn't notice any difference at all.

  12. effective ba to? sayang di ako nakaabot sa giveaway.. huhu


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