2011 Wrap-up Products: Short Review+ Swatches

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
This post is just a wrap up of some of the products I tried on 2011. I added some short review plus some swatches.
*Click pic for larger view*  

 **Expensive Product; makes skin soft but breaks me out!!**

Bench: FIX Professional AGENT BOND
***Does hold curls well enough but too STICKY!!***


ORANGE PEEL & L-Glutathione
***Dries my skin and gives me rashes 
            upon usage**


***Too thick; hard to blend, useless concealer***

Face Shop: Lip & Cheek Tint
***Shade wears off easily***

Cetaphil: Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF15
**Doesn’t really provide enough     moisture***

***Consistency is buildable, an ok concealer***

*Consistency too thick and sticky,
another useless concealer**

***Powder is creamy enough to conceal; loving it!**

*Powder is very creamy, love love love!!!***

**Another luvs!***

***Yet, another loves!***

*Doesn’t really provide coverage
but a good light foundation***

Etude House: Dream on Compact in Apricot Beige
**Light and matte finish, Loves!***

4U2: DreamGirl Makeup Remover
*Great remover but scent is Ewwww***

Ellana: Lip Scrub
*Makes lips extra smooth and soft***

4U2: DreamGirl Facial Litening Foam Scrub
***Cleanse thoroughly but might leave skin a little bit dry**

Soft Whiite: Lulur Mandi Body Scrub
*Makes skin soft, smooth and radiant! Top Luvs!!**


  1. the lip scrub looks really good!
    it's too bad SK II makes you break out, though.
    the whole line is so expensive, i am planning to try them in my forties..lol

    happy new years! :)

  2. lip scrub looks delicious!

    makes me wanna buy it. :)

  3. Hmm, I've never heard of soft whiite, is it an American brand? I definitely want to try it out!

    Happy New Year!

  4. love the post! a brief statement for each product...sometimes i hate reading and this really was a great way to know something about the product.=)


  5. @L e n a: Happy New year too!! yeah, SK-II is too expensive...it doesn't only breaks my skin but also my wallet..hehe..
    @DeBi: the lip scrub is soo yummy and scent is just so fruity...worth a try =)
    @jane: its an indonesian brand..and its really affordable retails around $1 only..
    @Jess: Me too! something super long words made me dizzy..hehe..followed you..and I love your blog!! ^_^~

  6. I'm sorry to see that you had bad experiences with many different products... It's sad when you buy something and find out its useless!

    Finding the right concealer can be so difficult too. :(

    Hi there, new follower here. Happy new year!

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  7. hi Janet thanks for your comment and for following my blog.I have come now to return the favor :) your comment made me smile.you can of course steal all my resolutions i wouldn't hold it against you. haha :)yes mascaras are our babies. it's going to be so hard maintaining that promise.

    that Faceshop face and cheek tint looks gorgeous toobad it wears off easily.Have you tried Benetint? It's included in my beauty products for 2011. It's great.you should try it.
    As for the cetaphil moisturizer hurting your skin wtf? it's suppose to moisturize not inflict pain. may I recommend Nivea moisturizer? it's a great one i use.it may work on you. :)

    anyway Janet thanks again and i hope we keep in touch with each other's blog. i would love to get to know you more and for us to become blogger friends :) see you around sweetie. Mwahh :)

  8. Oh i really like Etude product! the packaging is super cute :D
    I've been wanting to try SK - II products for they are really famous and well recommended , what do you think about their products?


  9. Mmmm NICE! I duno why Cetaphil has been so so popular among foreigners tho? :-0 I never tried, are they basically good enaf or just its price??

  10. @Jade in The Palace:I've tried 5 products of Sk-II...Their products are okay, not really a "miracle" product..I think the brand itself is quite overrated...plus all their products are mad expensive...But if you really wanted to try it, I would suggest their signature product which is the FTE, it would make your skin super super super super smooth and soft in just few drops...=)


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