Review: Purbasari Lulur Mandi- Whitening + Vitamin E

Purbasari Lulur Mandi- Whitening + Vitamin E
Price: PHP129 approx USD3 at Watson’s          Size:250gram

Eversince the launch of Asian Secrets: Lulur Whitening Scrub, I’ve noticed quite a number of brands emerging into the local market which also categorize themselves as a “Mandi Lulur” product.

What is Mandi Lulur?
Mandi Lulur means “lulur bath” is originated from island of Java and in Javanese word “lulur” means “Coating the Skin”. Traditionally, this is the most luxurious pre-wedding ritual for the brides-to-be, to achieve fair, smooth, soft and radiant skin.

There are plenty of“Mandi Lulur” brands available in Watson’s and I am so eager to try them all!!!! But I can’t buy all at once so I just randomly pick up a brand to try out. The brand I selected is “Purbasari-Lulur Mandi”.

What is “Purbasari-Lulur Mandi”?
-          Shiny white paste-like mixture made from rice, turmeric and fragrances
-          Is a javanese specialty procedure that is used to exfoliate and soften the skin.
-          Enriched with Squalene Oil, Olive oil and Vit E as extra moisturizer
-          Stimulate body to throw out dead cells and replace it with new ones, stimulate blood circulation under the skin, smooth the skin, and at the same time scents it
-     Suitable for all skin types and for everday use


How to Apply:

My Reviews:
What I Like about it:
1)      Suitable for all skin types and even though it is a scrub it is ideal to use daily
2)      Skin will feel baby smooth and soft upon usage
3)      It gently exfoliates but manage to maintain skin moisture
4)      Able to calm the skin and skin felt clean and refresh after wash
5)      Price is quite acceptable and is available in all Watson’s

What I Hate about it:
1)      Contains Paraben
2)      Improvement on the packaging (the tub is okay, but they could have at least improve on the label to look more attractive)
3)      DID NOT notice any whitening effect as of the moment (used half tub)
(Will update this post, once I finished the entire tub)

Overall Review:
I superb LOVE Purbasari-Lulur Mandi scrub and I have to say it is way BETTER than Asian Secrets: Lulur Whitening Scrub.  The reason why I prefer Purbasari over Asian Secrets is because the consistency or texture of Purbasari is much softer and smoother. Another thing inwhich Purbasari outstands Asian Secrets is the efficacy of the product itself. I immediately notice a much softer and brighter skin on my first wash and skin felt extremely REFRESHED.  Lastly, Purbasari was able to calm and revived my skin complexion. I often developed rashes and red bumps/patches due to sensitivity and sun exposure. It would normally go away for 3-4days but Purbasari was able to heal those rashes overnight! Dang! Amazing right! =)
Now I know why “Mandi-Lulur” is considered a luxurious pre-wedding ritual, because it really heals and improve your skin condition.

Would you Recommend? YES!!
Buy again? YES YES YES!!!

I just hope the main distributor can bring more of “Purbasari” products into the country.
Purbasari carries wide range of products, even extending it to cosmetics!
You can check out the “Purbasari” site here


  1. Thank you for the review Janet! :D Might as well try this out! <3 I though Asian Secrets was good, turns out this is better? I definitely have to check it out! :D

  2. Is that Chinese range or what?

  3. @Lily: its an indonesian brand =)

  4. where can we buy it in singapore?

  5. @Anonymous: hi dear, Sorry, I'm not quite sure as I don't lived in SG..but I think you could find it @ some indian shop perhaps..=)

  6. i love Purbasari scrub, cheap but great product :)

  7. I've been using this product too.. I love it. ^__^

  8. I've been using this product too.. I love it. ^__^

  9. I've been using this product too.. I love it. ^__^

  10. i just purchased purbasari scrub today..and ill try this if this is realy effective for whitening...:)

  11. i love i see the lightning effect on my skin especially on dark areas..

  12. I really wanted to try this Lulur whitening scrub, but it's not available at Malaysia's Watson. :(

    Gonna see if anyone selling this at local Tamu.


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