Skin Food Reviews: Aloe Water & Lip Remover & Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off

Skin Food Reviews: Aloe Water & Lip Remover
Price: PHP425  approx USD 9        Contents 100g

What is Aloe Water & Lip Remover?
A mild oil-free eye and lip makeup remover for sensitive eye and lip areas

How to Use?
Apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently wipe away makeup

My Reviews:
Nowadays, I only wear tinted moisturizer therefore I think I won’t need oil-based make-up remover to remove tinted moisturizer. But once in a while I also wear non-water proof mascara so I told the SA to suggest a mild makeup remover that could remove mascara thoroughly. So she suggested the Aloe Water & Lip Remover and she guaranteed that this could remove mascara well-off.

This remover does effectively remove my tinted moisturizer and non-water proof mascara. But but but but but…everytime I use this my skin would feel slight tingle and later would develop a bit of red patches. Even though how “natural” this product claims I still develop some kind of an allergy? Bum, no other choice but to stop using this and go back to my good ol’ Maybelline makeup remover.

Skin Food: Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off
Price: PHP529  approx USD 12          Contents 100g

What is Kiwi Yogurt Mask Wash Off?
Is an exfoliating wash off facial pack with KIWI EXTRACT that is rich with VITAMINS and MOISTURE that can control Oiliness and Tighten Pores.

How to Use?
Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eyes and mouth area. Wash off after 10-15minutes.

My Reviews:
I’m fond of using Facial Sheets/Mask when I used to work in CHINA because the weather there is extremely crazy and my skin needed extra CARE in order to adapt on the climate change. 

But 6 years after, this is the first time I’m going to use a Mask here in my own Tropical country.

I’m not really a fan of SkinFood because I have tried using their Haircare products before (forgot the name, I think cabbage thingy something..) and it gave me dandruff and itchy scalp! But everyone deserves a second chance therefore I decided to get one of their Wash off Mask. I chose the Kiwi merely because I LOVE KIWI! Oh! Also because the SA recommended this mentioning this is intended for OILY SKIN.

The consistency is similar to a lotion just more watery and there are tiny KIWI seeds in it. Applying it to face is really easy as you simply spread them on your face and leave it 10-15minutes. The smell contains a hint of Kiwi, quite a mild scent overall.

I kinda love this Mask because it is quite CALMING and MOISTURISING. The moment I WashOff the mask, I noticed that my skin is EXTREMELY SOFTand SUPPLE. That just not it, the next day when I woke up I noticed my skin is still soft and Dewy as well. It is a good mask as it softens and moisten my skin instantly. But for me, it really doesn’t control oiliness nor tighten pores at all. So if you are only aiming for softness of skin, this might be the mask for you. Other than that, I don’t think this mask WOW me at all. For the price I pay, I really won’t consider buying this again. 

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  1. Nice reviews! I really like Skin Food a lot :) The yogurt mask sounds nice! I've tried similar ones from other brands :D

  2. Hey! Wazzup? Skin food has been mega popular ay! Kiwi fruit contains very nice components for skin so that mask seems effective ay!

  3. I love Skinfood's products! I have the kiwi mask too and really like to use it during the summer because it's so cooling.

    Thank you so much for following my blog btw! And sorry for mixing your name up when I replied to your comment - I looked at your picture and thought you were another blogger I knew! >.<

  4. i love skin food skin care prods, im using rice wash off mask and i love it :D

  5. I love the Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser which is great to remove make up, it wont harm ur skin ;)


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