I have plenty of GEO/EOS/DUEBA/G&G lens but never has I written a review simply because I was lazy (-__-)” But now, I’ll start to review all the GEO/EOS lens so that people can have an idea of the lens first before purchasing it. I recently bought 10 pairs of GEO/EOS as the old 10 pairs have reached its expiration date so I had to throw them away (but didn’t get the chance to review them L)

Since I’m lazy I won’t be able to review all of them so I’ll just review:


I love this lens cuz’ its super comfy, was able to enhance the size and the effect is quite natural. There are some lens that you would look weird but this lens does NOT! If you want a look that can enlarge your eyes (like 2x) but naturaly this is the best lens to choose from.

 Some pics wearing SUPER CRYSTAL BROWN:

I used to buy lenses from different multiply shops, but there was one time I stumble into since then I never buy at other shops anymore. 

JapaneseCandy08 has a lot, a mean a WHOLE lot of onhand stocks with or without grade, GEO/EOS/DUEBA etc lens available plus I think she has the cheapest promo of all lens sellers out there! I bought 2-3 times already, purchase more than 15 pairs so I can assure you that all her lens are guaranteed ORIGINAL and Authentic! She’s very fast in replying orders and arranging of shipment as well, you could receive your orders in just 1-2days! The best of it, she accepts orders INTERNATIONALLY!!!! So never hesitate to buy from


  1. nice....looks great on you. wearing contacts is one of my beauty lemmings but I am scared putting on lenses.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. followed you. :)

  2. hi, I answer your question here, No I don't have. actually I made my layout on 2010 back then, it's old already ^^

  3. @DeBi: aww, thanks so much for dropping by ^_^ , the one who invented these type of contact lens are genius.. =)

  4. and oh, my template inspired skin is quirky valentine, it's really a cute one. you can check it out here:

    xD super lovely

  5. @Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린: thanks for reply! i love your blog so cute..^_^

  6. Like your blog and thought you might like mine too kuz I am blogging about kinda Japaneeese stuff like you do! So here is mine and hope you like it! You are more welcome to subscribe it!

  7. @ Lily: thanks so much for dropping by ^_^ your works are so blingy and kawaii!! and i ♥♥♥♥♥♥ hellokitty stuff too!!! keep up the cute works!! I'll follow your blog..=)

  8. Cute! The color is so subtle ^^ And you're pretty! *u* Loving your blog cos it's pink like mine, keke~

    Have a great day!

  9. @Hercy: yes, the color is subtle by far my favorite lens ^_^ aw, thanks! and u are one lovely fashionable chic! luv your styles ^_^ Yey for pink! ~


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