Mario badescu Control Cream and Keratoplast Cream Soap Review

Updates on my skin after using prolly a month long of Mario Badescu’s Products.

 **have drying lotion all over my face -_-"***

I’m no longer breaking out, though occasionally I developed one tiny pimple but it would go away for 2-3 days as long as I applied it with Drying Lotion. Finally, my acne journey is about to end, thank you again Mario Badescu! My skin is getting better day by day thus I don’t consume that much concealers unlike before! (Yey!)

Finally, Essences is now available with Control Cream and Keratoplast Cream Soap. I immeditaly bought them and loved the way they treat my skin.

What is Control Cream?

àitreatment for red, rashy, flaky and irritated skin types and Rosacea sufferers. Non-greasy, low oil formula. May be used for troubled areas of the face or in place of a moisturizer.

Even though I don’t suffer from Rosacea, but I still decide to use this cream, simply because I have these red spots detain in my face due to previous acne and harsh prducts used.  

I did not regret using this cream, instead deeply regretting why I haven’t used this earlier.

What it did to my skin:

-red spots were slowly fading turning into normal skin color

-skin becomes soft and blemish free

-skn becomes less sensitive

Would you recommend it? Yes and YES!!

Rating: 10/10

Next, we moved to Keratoplast Cream Soap:

-able to reduces redness associated with broken capillaries and extreme sensitivity.

My review:

This is by far the best cleanser I have used in my entire life. This cleanser is mild yet will be able to remove make-up, oil and excessive dirt on my skin. After cleansing, Skin will feel soft, smooth and calm.

Would you recommend it? Yes and YES!!

Rating: 9/10

For those who have sensitive skin,fighting acne for years, please don’t hesitate to try Mario Badescu’s products. It really improve my skin condition and has cleared up my acnes.

I received a a free trial pack of Cucumber cleansing lotion and Aloe moisturizer from the SA of MB so I’m going to review these two items on my next entry =)


 Luvs Mario badescu ^_^



  1. wow it's nice that these worked for you, I hope it will and be your HG and permanent skin care products. You look like Japanese..hehe!

    By the way newbie blogger here, hope you can visit my blog too..

    TC :)

  2. @Jenggay: yeah, I hope so too that MB will finally end by acne journey...thanks for the nice comment..anyway, your tabachuchay is a cutie (^_^)**

  3. Hi Janet, where do you purchase MB products? I plan on getting them for my bf >_< He's been battling with acne and the scars since I met him T_T Thanks for the helpful reviews! :)

  4. @miss_aigoo : Hi Val! bought mine at...Rustan's =)~

  5. Replies
    1. hello dear, i forgot the exact price but its around USD 30+ more or less. You can check out their site for more info =)


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