Candy Doll Cosmetics reviews~

I finally laid hands on Candy Doll Cosmetics after struggling in finding a local seller who carries this line, Thanks to Japanichi for bringing this line here(*big hugs*). I was so so tempted to buy this line as I’ve read numerous great reviews on them and now I have them (*big smiles*). I’m an avid fan of Japanese stuff especially their cosmetics! Packaging is so so so damn cute and the models are always freakin’ KAWAII!!
Let me introduce to you Candy Doll Cosmetics.
Candy Doll is a makeup line produced by the famous gyaru model, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Tsubasa once modeled for magazines such as Popteen and egg.

She now collaborates with domestic high end brands to make personalized designer items, such as legwear, shoes, hats, jewelry, glasses, and color contact lenses. The list goes on and on.

Candy Doll is her own personal line. In 2008, she made a tentative step into the makeup market with only two items: a lip concealer and gloss. Since then, the gloss has become a staple in most gal's makeup bags (partly because of the name behind the brand, but mostly because it tapers perfectly to the extremely popular nude lip look).
Even though Candy Doll signature items are the Lip concealer and gloss but I didn’t buy those cuz’ I don’t think I’ll need those as I’m not a regular user of lip gloss.

But who can resist the cute packaging and alluring lips of Tsubasa so I’m really tempted to buy the lip concealer but later backed out (*phew!*) as my lips is always dry and cracked so lip concealer is really NOT my thing and neither it is suited for me.

I bought two items from the Candy Doll line:

1) Candy Doll Mineral Face Powder

Candy Dolls Says:
The #1 mineral make-up & shown in every magazines all over japan!
*100% natural mineral ingredients
*Won't leave your pores clogged even if you forgot to wash it overnight.
*Long Lasting Coverage with a Naturally Flawless Finish
*Will cover rosacea, acne and scarring
*Virtually Waterproof - Will not fade or run even in humid weather or at the gym
*Your skin will never feel heavy and greasy

My reviews:
Loose powder is extremely important and essential especially if you want to manage a clear and flawless smooth complexion. I desperately need this as I have a sensitive and disturbing skin condition but thank God I finally found Candy Doll Face Powder.

I can say that this is the best loose powder I’ve ever tried in my entire life ( at least until now). I’ve tried several loose powder brands such as Elf, Etude house, Maybelline and Skin Food, all of those create “White cast” on your face. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you camwhore with flash and you’ll see an overly white face (*ghost effect*) versus your neck color(*screams loud*). But for Candy Doll, you’ve got nothing to worry as it won’t create that ghostly effect on your face because the powder is NOT white but TRANSLUCENT. Yes, you’ve heard it right, though the powder might look light beige/pinkish but once you pat it on your skin it blends right into and creates a soft and smooth(marshmallow like perfect complexion) effect on your skin.

Why I’m loving it:
 * It’s a translucent powder, will NOT create “white cast” ; Natural skin color finish
 * Blends right into your skin
 * Suitable for sensitive skin (acne-prone skin), doesn’t break me out
 * Controls oilyness of skin

ATTEST to what Candy Doll Says:
*Won't leave your pores clogged even if you forgot to wash it overnight

   ------>Yes! Tried and tested.

*Long Lasting Coverage with a Naturally Flawless Finish
  -------> Oh Yes!

*Will cover rosacea, acne and scarring
 -------->Not quite! as the powder is quite light and translucent, you still need concealer to cover such.

*Virtually Waterproof - Will not fade or run even in humid weather or at the gym
 -------->A little, but it won’t fade as long as you don’t go to sauna.

*Your skin will never feel heavy and greasy
---------> Definitely!

Rate: 10/10

How I use it:
Of course if you have great complexion a gentle pat of this would gives you flawless look. But if you have a bad skin(like me, frown!) I have to use a base liquid foundation first then apply strokes of Candy Doll Mineral Powder to achieve a soft and smooth complexion.
(I prefer to use brush compare to the sponge as it blends more precisely)

How Tsubasa use it:


2) Dolly wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)

For people with monolid or chinky/small eyes, an eyeliner is a MUST cuz’ it would make your eyes look bigger and more alive.

My Reviews:
I’m so so luvin’ the Dolly Wink eyeliner because the tip is so thin and sharp makes it so easy to apply plus its water proof!

Why I’m loving it:
*  the tip is thin and sharp makes it easy to apply
*  water-proof, doesn’t smudge easily

Rate: 9/10

Luvs ~Candy Dolls Cosmetics

(PS:I wanted to purchase the purple highlighter, peach pink blusher and Dolly Wink mascara but sadly Japanichi doesn’t have stocks. For those who are selling please message me as I’m really interested on buying those.)

-->Next blog entry, My everyday make-up tutorial~


  1. Want to try it! I've tried Etude House's LUCIDarling and IN2IT's eyeliners and both actually do an awesome job! I prefer the IN2IT more though. :)

  2. @Hercy: Really!! I wanna try the IN2IT too! Yes, Candydoll eyeliner is really worth a try, it doesn't smudge nor run easily. Definitely worth a try..(^_^)

  3. Btw I din really see any good result from Etude house, Maybelline and Skin Food either ay.

  4. where can i get it? i too really wana try candydoll eyeliner

    1. hello dear, its petty much available in most online shops like sasa and cosme ^_~


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