July BDJBOX : Prepped and Polished

The road to being beautiful is never difficult. Most of the time, you just need to accept and show the world the real beauty you possess- that’s simply YOU.

JULY BDJBOX is consist of Multi-taksers products that could help us prep and be polish in a breeze.

Products includes Shampoo and Conditioner that could voluminize hair without the need to blow dry. Soap that has moisturizer in it, lip balm that would instantly brighten your lips and a 3-in-1 mascara that helps lengthens, volumes and curls lashes.

Now, let’s dig into the JULY BDJBOX:
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Price:  PHP115
Size: 180 ml
What it claims:
l         Able to revive the bouncy hair and glowing condition
l         Contains Oxyfushion technology that gives soft, nourished and 95% more volume to hair
l         Developed specially for Filipinas that has dry and flat hair

My Review:
l         I love the scent as it smells like a clean air which is very refreshing and light
l         Lathers pretty well and feels extremely light
l         Able to give moisture and at the same time voluminize hair without the need to blow dry
l         Definitely live up to its claims, will surely repurchase once I ran out
l         Best ever Shampoo & Conditioner I’ve tried to date! ^_~

2)      Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar (3 bars included)
Price:  PHP 441
Size: 127 gram
What it claims:
l         Gentle enough to use everyday
l         Effective as cleansing and soothing skin
l         Designed specially for dry and sensitive skin
l         Able to leaves skin soft, smooth and hydrated
l         Cleanses without irritation or dryness as it moisturize and leaves skin restored its natural protective oils and emollients

My Review:
l         This cleanser is basically not a soap as it is a mild cleanser
l         I have slight eczema and this works perfectly fine on me
l         Able to cleanse and moisturize skin at the same time

3)      Canmake Nail Polish
Price:  PHP 330
Size:3.8 gram
What it claims:
l         Quick Drying formula
l         Contains funky range of colors with pearl highlights
l         Comes with fine brush that helps application easier

My Review:
l         I got the shade in 76  (LIME GREEN) which a very pretty color
l         Definitely quick drying in seconds!
l         Very easy to remove with a nail polish remover (just one swipe is all you need)

Price:  PHP 1300
Size: 30 gram
What it claims:
l         Claims to lengthens, curls and volumize lashes
l         Long wearing formula that won’t smudge or dry out

My Review:
l         Been using this mascara since 2012 and have become my favorite until to date
l         Made a review before HERE

Price:  PHP 110
Size: 10 gram and 4.25 gram
What it claims:
l         Helps soothe, moisturize and relieve dry and chapped lips

My Review:
l         It has a hint of minty sensation which feels really nice on lips
l         I got mine in strawberry so it smells like strawberries
l         Not greasy nor sticky at all
l         I have an extremely DRY and chapped lips and one swipe of this instantly makes my lips soft and moisturize
l         Hands-down best Lip balm ever! ^_~

Price:  PHP 299
Size: 4 gram
What it claims:
l         Rich in pigment colors that comes in 9 creamy shades

My Review:
l         Packaging is so elegant that reminds me of Tom Ford’s lippie
l         The lipstick even has the initials “FS” engraved on the tip of the lipstick
l         Extremely pigmented

Price:  PHP 199
Size:50 ml
What it claims:
l         Able to remove make-up and deep seated dirt
l         Promotes healthy tissue regeneration

l         Helps firm skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

My Review:
l         I don’t like the packaging as it is very difficult to dispense the product
l         I do love the products inside as it really helps remove stubborn make-up easily
l         Makes skin soft and smooth after wash

Price:  PHP 4750
Size: 30 ml
What it claims:
l         Comes in 10 variants that will enable you to find the best on your skin needs
l         V10 has the right solution to every individual skin needs
l         Visit HERE for more info

 I really really really LOVE the July BDJBOX as ALL the products are almost a NECESSITY to me.


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