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Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. That’s why SkinWhite, the leading and pioneer skin whitening brand in the Philippines, aims to give young Filipinas the tools they need to improve who they are both inside and out through the #BetterMe campaign.
#BetterMe campaign and the Captivate Council is all about encouraging young Filipinas to develop their own inner confidence so that they can be kinder to themselves, inspire and empower others. 
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Inspired by the #BetterMe campaign, I’ll be sharing what I have been struggling for years:
Picture above does not paint a thousand word but instead just a four letter word called: A-C-N-E.

Because of my skin condition, I ALWAYS use tons of foundation just to conceal or cover my “horrifying” acne. I would never go out of the house without covering my face with layers and layers of concealer. Little did I know that the more make-up I pile, the worse my acne condition gets.

I was depressed emotionally as I can’t face people with my “bare” face. My mom who is always beside me tries to comfort and advise me to stop covering my face with cement as my skin needs to breathe. My mom says that as long as you feel confident in your own skin nobody will care about those “acne” at all.

It’s hard at first but I’ve tried to wear less and eventually just settled for a powder such as the “SkinWhite Advanced Whitening Face Cream Powder” and I’m good to go. I noticed that even though I wear less and still had pimples all over my face, nobody was really bothered nor paid much attention to my skin.
As time passed my skin got better and I’ve already learned to be comfortable and confident in my own skin . I still have uneven skintone, broken cappilaries and acne scars but as long as I feel comfortable about myself, I’m happy with my own skin.  I have learned to become confident in my own skin and be a #BETTERME.

I will be sharing my experience after trying out the SkinWhite products in exactly 7 days!
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Price: PHP 69
What it claims:
l         Uses unique technology that magically transform moisturizing cream into light matte powder
l         Able to achieve bleautiful blush white skin
l         Effectively soften and hydrates skin
l         Available in 4 shades: White, Light Beige, Rose White and Natural

My Reviews:
l         Consistency is mousse-like texture and blends well to skin
l         Smells like flowers
l         Skin becomes extremly soft and smooth after application
l         Very light-weight and non-sticky nor greasy
l         Matte finish
l         Packaging is in a tube container with nozzle
l         Coverage is low but it gives skin a natural whiter look
l         Oil-Control is high
l         Able to minimize redness

Size: 75ml
Price: PHP 123.25
What it claims:
l         Uses Advanced Tripower Technology that whitens skin instantly
l         Contains Vitanourish formula that’s spiked with Vitamin B3, B5 and E
l         Provides skin intense moisturization and protects from UV rays

My Reviews:
l         Consistency is very creamy close to a toothpaste like texture
l         The lotion is thick but it quickly absorbs to skin after application
l         Smells like flowers

l         Does not feels heavy or sticky after application
l         Instant brightness on the skin
l         Skin feels very soft and smooth

Size: 75 ml
What it claims:

l         Able to remove stubborn dirt, excess oil and makeup residue
l         Contains micro-exfoliating technology with Witch Hazel Extract that helps banish acne
l         Helps prevent dryness with its Vitanourish Formula
l         Able to achieve white, smoother and blemish free skin in just 7 days

My Reviews:
l         I use it as toner and make-up remover
l         Gently removes all dirt and make-up by just one swipe

l         Mild enough even on the sensitive skin
l         Smells like flowers
l         Skin feels clean and hydrated

Size: 90grams
Price: PHP44.50

What it claims:
l         Helps prevent and reverse skin darkening due to sun exposure
l         Will notice a whiter skin as early as 7 days
l         Uses Synchronized Whitening action that is enriched with Vitanourish formula that contains Vitamins B5, B3 and E to effectively whiten, soften and hydrate skin

My Reviews:
l         Lathers well and smells like a mild lady perfume

l         Skin becomes soft and smooth
l         Instant brightness on skin

Overall, I love the SkinWhite products as it was able to provide  “brightness” and an overall rosy white look to my skin in just 7 days.
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