Mini Beauty Hauls + Swatches~

Hellos! Just sharing some mini-hauls made over the weekend, very short and quick =)
*just click on the product to direct you to its link*
  • I got this 4 block blusher as I find the shades so pretty and cute~
  • I am sure all four shades will be workable for me as I fancy these type of shimmery but subtle shades 
  • I am addicted to skin based product especially to those based products that contains skincare benefits!
  • Will definitely make a separate review on this soon ^_~
  • Got interested with the shade Taupe as it is exactly the shade I wanted to apply in my brows just so it would match my hair ^_~
4) Ever Bilena- Eyebrow Pencils
  • Just because I find them really cheap! Plus quality is nice too~
5Generic Lipstick
  • Tried some really cheap and affordable lipstick I bought from a mini bazaar; just $1 each!
  • Chose 2 shades which are Nude and Pink
That’s it for my mini beauty hauls! ^_~
I am addicted to base makeup that is why you often see at least one base makeup on any of my haul post.

What is that “one product” that seems to appear quite too often on your beauty hauls?

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