Son Dam Bi’s Inspired Pure Girl to Femme Fatale Makeup Look~

Hellos! It’s been awhile I did an inspired make-up look; simply because I am mad lazy >_<~
Then came one Saturday that I had nothing to do, but browse on BNTNEWS and saw the gorgeous pictorial of Son Dam Bi with BNT. 
They made her turn from a Pure Girl into a Sexy Femme Fatale!!
I got interested with the Femme Fatale look they have on her, hence decided to do my own version ^_~ 

Below were my Versions:
Some Close-Up Look on the Make-up: 

 Some More photos for the Pure Girl Look:
Some More photos for the Femme Fatale Look:
I know I look WAYYYY FAR from Son Dam Bi’s sexy look, but this is my own ugly version~>_<~
Which do you prefer the Pure Girl of Femme Fatale look?

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